Hi, it’s me. Just got done with the NYT crossword and watching Copper on BBC America. I’m not an elitist. I just like what I like. Copper fascinates me because it’s 1860’s America, in the Five Points in NYC and it’s a cop show. The crossword is another thing. It shows up on-line, and sucks me in. I try to finish it without hints. Monday through Thursday I’m good. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are a challenge. I try not to  make it a competition between me and the constructor. It’s me against a brain that is aging. I want to keep sharp. Getting lost going from the living room to the kitchen isn’t what I call fun. I want to stay sharp and develop into a curmudgeon, salty enough to take on the best. This blog is practice for sitting around on a park bench and toss barbs at politicians and sacred cows with a hoard of acolytes at my feet. Okay the last part is an ego dream.

On to today’s work. How I look at politics, politicians and parties. First parties; The Democrats want everyone to be safe, educated and equal. They’re willing to throw all of your money at the problems. The Republicans want everyone to be equal too, only if you were born with the million some it takes to join the club. They care about people to get elected, then they have a memory lapse. The Libertarians are anarchy without the violence, they hope. They’re a good idea but the wrong people are in charge.

What’s wrong: All of the above parties are driven by money. The Dems like to cry poverty and appeal to the voter’s better nature. The GOP has no qualms about taking money and spending it to swamp the Dems. The Libertarians are monied populists who have the money but would rather appeal to the voter’s fear of Big Government, don’t say you don’t think the system has gone a bit overboard.

What we need: The Middle Way has always been the sober, ethical way. Bullshit, politicians are born liars give them a way to manage to see that everyone is taken care of, they’ll find a way to line their pockets, get jobs for friends and build an air base on the swampland their cousin owns. We need to get professional politicians out of government. If someone can spend millions of their own money to get elected they qualify. The people who are at the core of the problems are the ones who should be figuring out how to solve them. People with common sense. I know they’re hard to find, but they’re out there. Don’t mistake pseudopopulist demagogues who talk a great game but are only in it for the money. Find people who have the moral backbone to do unpleasant things like cutting government down to size and rebuild it to operate for all the people.

What has to be done: The system needs to be overhauled from the bottom up. Bring back town meetings, in large cities ward meetings. Have them choose from among themselves people who will represent them. Not some person who has all the answers, someone who listens. The problems should be approached with the dicum: Do the least harm. Not everyone will be included under the tent, they have to be brought in.  What has to be approached is humanity. The simple humaness of the electorate. Those that have help those who have not. Those who have not accept enough to maintain a standard of living that offers dignity of life. I’m not in favor of the confiscation and ditribution of earned wealth. We have people in our country who have enormous wealth that is predocated on the labor of others. The invest their money and take the proceeds to have laws enacted to protect their wealth. All income should be taxed. The Middle Class is the bulwhark of the country. Today, they live close to what used to be the poverty level. They’ve been victimized by the moneyed and are expected to support those who cannot help themselves. There are less needy than you would imagine. The money the Middle Class earns should be taxed and they should expect good value in their government. Those at or below the poverty level need to be cared for, but they should know that government doesn’t have all the answers and they’ll have to be ingenious.

How to do it: First, a halt on government growth. When the Dems are in  charge government resembles a bowling ball balanced on a toothpick. The GOP, a toothpick balanced on a huge bowling ball. Neither are practical. The Libertarians have a vision of a ping pong ball levitating. All are ridiculous. Govenment should be a entity, aloof, but ready to help. Protective but not willing to engage in global adventures. Government programs should have a point. The space race gave us breakthroughs but it became an event trotted out to prove we can go into space. We did it a few times but the return doesn’t seem to be there. It’s like job security for NASA employees. If we’re going into space aim for lunar colonies, the Martian, you get the picture. We can’t abolish welfare or Social Security. We’ve got to take care of the people. We’ve got to stramline the system.

Okay. I’ve ranted and some of you have abandoned the blog for kitten videos. I do go on. I complain about politicians and I sound like one. These are just the rantings of a blogger who’s up late and has illusions of being intelligent. I don’t have answers but I can see the problems. The thing you do now is pay attention to the politicians lookig for a job come November. If they’re spreading it on too thick, call them on it. Don’t believe the ads. The people with the money want you to believe that whomever they’re backing is perfect for the job. Money  doesn’t bring intelligence or common sense. Listen to wha they’re saying. Ask questions. The guy who’s ahead in the polls may not be the right person for the job.

Support your local food bank. Shut off the TV and computer and read, better still read to a kid. Adopt a kid. Adopt a shelter pet. Everybody lies. The job is to know when and for what. Bring the troops home. Make sure there’s jobs for them.

See you Wednesday.