I missed posting on Wednesday. From the uproar I heard nobody missed me. It was a strange day. It started when I spent at least a half hour staring at the blinking cursor trying to think of something to start with. Once I start posting the ideas usually come easilly. Not so that night. At one am I shut off the TV and crashed. I missed the alarms, yes, I have two. I like sleep and any interuption is not welcome. When I was finally up, I tried to go online with the germ of an idea that a dream planted. Nothing, worse, the computer was acting up. I rummaged through a pile of file cards with story notes, recipes and phone numbers. I found the on for my provider. Robocall center, confirming my existence, waiting. Got the techie. She was quick and my brain had a slight problem keeping up but we got in sync. I’d installed antivirus software and now it thought that I, the benevolent owner, was a virus trying to corrupt my beloved computer. The whole process entailed deleting the antivirus software and reinstalling new antivirus software. I know, it was a plot to sell me their brand of antivirus software. No, they’ve never steered me wrong. The whole thing including troubleshooting, installation and checking the computer’s ability to allow me access took about two hours. It probably would have taken thirty minutes if I wasn’t such a technowuss. No time to sit and admire my shining new antivirused computer. I had to see the cardiologist. Showered, dressed, grabbed the mid-week grocery list and headed out. Got to the VA, found parking and hied my ass to the waiting room. I was early. No Nook or glasses kept the wait to checking out my fellow vets. The nurse called and I was left in an examination room. I didn’t mind, I was in the inner circle. An attractive Asian lady came in and introduced herself as a med student from UCONN. She asked the usual questions, Chest pains? No. Tobacco? No. Alcohol? No. Dizziness? No. She left. Within minutes my cardiologist came in. She was cheery and discussed the effect my wonky heart valve had on my pulse when the machine took it. I was stethascoped in stereo. There were questions and answers between the student and the medic. When they were done, I was left alone with the student. I considered asking her out, hey, I’m a healthy male. My brain kicked in citing in order; Why would someone half my age go out with me? She has acccess to my medical files, no mysteries. And what was I going to do if said yes? Was I ready to deal with that? Occassional fantasies are nice, but reality is another ballgame. Anyway, I had rejection with a smile from her visualized. I left the hospital with the promise of an appointment in a year. The supermarket was next. Parking, no problem. Shopping carts, welded together. Finally got one after dislodging at least a dozen triads. It was getting late in the afternoon and I wanted to post, you know, for my loyal fans. Had brain freeze. Shopped like a eighty year old. Up and down every aisle, stopping only to stare at the shelves searching for Blueberry/Pomegranate juice. Young wives tapped toes as they waited me to move along. I smiled at them, some smiled back but others gave me the look that told me this was their turf. I finished and wheeled my groceries out to the parking lot. The lady getting out of the SUV eyed me with suspiscion and gave me that look take said “Hit my ride and your insurance skyrockets”. I went home unloaded groceries. I watched TV with thoughts of being seventy and pushing a grocery cart around the Stop and Shop with all the direction of the Ancient Mariner.

The GOP finished their lovefest. They pissed off Ron Paul supporters, but they were from Maine, who cares. Vegas is where it’s at. I didn’t pay too much attention because deep in my heart I’m afraid that they’ll make sense and get my vote. Okay now the Democrats have a shot at not self-destructing. They’ve got the incumbent but their track record sucks. Somebody is going to bring up abortion, same-sex marriage or statehood for Puerto Rico and throw the convention into chaos.

The Sox and Mets still suck but I’m in it for the long haul. Wait til 2014.

Earworms: 65 Love Affair by Paul Davis, almost had one; Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult, I’m not suicical, honest, just a tad depressed.

Support your local food bank. Adopt a kid. Adopt a shelter pet. Read, shut off the laptop and TV and read.  Read to somebody else. Buy fresh vegetables at your local farm stand. Check out Third and Fourth parties, there’s some good ideas that need to be brought to the mainstream.

See you on Monday. Pray that Isaac will help the Midwest.