Rand Paul is asking for an audit of the Pentagon. I think it’s about time. He’s pretty much alone in the GOP and he’d be lonely with the Democrats. The Pentagon has elevated pork growing to a point that would amaze a pig farmer . This is the second time I wrote this and it’s getting wavy. Paying $14.95 t0 ship a 35 cent washer are hopefully gone. Investigating pork barrel politics offends pols who cry for smaller government. It disturbs Big Government Democrats because of all the projects they’ve created in the name of jobs. I hope he brings the subject of an audit enough times to piss off the entrenched pols who see nothing wrong with spending other people’s money.

Ron Paul, Rand’s dad doesnt think he could fully endorse Mitt Romney. Maybe he should have a father-son chat with Rand and convert, to the Libertarian Party. They court their votes and get their money, so jump in with both feet. This could be a beginning. The major parties are floundering around like dinosaurs in a tar pit. The Libertarians and other fusion parties are the mammals watching the show from the edge of the tar pit.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FLA) endorsed Barack Obama. Another crack in the wall. The GOP calls him a “self-centered career politician” and say about him that “political ambition will always come first”  About political ambition the GOP had to endorse Crist at least once. Or, for you conspiracy buffs the ultra secret Grey Thunder arm of the Democratic Party had their eye on him a subtly endoctriated him.

The empire State Shooter had no intention of going back home. Ya think? He shoots somebody in mid-town Manhattan and isn’t going to  attract some police attention. It’s called suicide by police. The fact that there were 16 bystanders hit, none of them seriously brings up another point; If you carry a weapon as part of your job shouldn’t you be proficient with it? One person who was standing in front of the shooter okay, but 16 way too many.

Watched Bg Ang. Couldn’t help it was trying to post. They made her up as a drag queen. Not a good move. She turned out to be a stereotypical drag queen with too much makeup and a garish wig. If gays are going to try for more support, don’t use somebody who looks like a tranny who went through the catalogue and said “Give me everything”. She’s not what up and coming candidates want to look like.

Earworms: Everybody Talks by Neon Trees, the Buick commercial; Holiday Road by Lindsay Buckingham, the Twizzlers commercial.

The second coming almost: Snooki had a baby, a boy. The named him Lorenzo. Pray for the kid. He’ll have a rough time growing up with all the literary teas, Nobel Prize ceremonies and having Uncle Paully D, Uncle Situation and Auntie Jwoww. If in 2062 he decides to run for President, he’ll have to do something abot his opposition running Jersey Shore. Is that who you want running the country.

Talk to me. Adopt a kid. Adopt a shelter pet. Support your local food bank. Read a book or magazine. Shut off the TV and log off the computer. Somebody in your house thinks you spend too much time on-line. Read to your kid. The election is so close the candidates can taste it. The BS factor will increase exponentally. Pray for rain in the Midwest. Have Isaac just brush by.

See you on Wednesday.