Went to the doctor this morning. spent a lot of time at the VA but I’ve got time. When the doctor finally looked at the rash she said, and I quote; “I have no idea.”. Same diagnosis as I came up with. She prescribed an ointment to apply. If it doesn’t change, I’ve got to go back tomorrow. One application and it’s looking better.

In an earlier post I discussed TV crushes. I left out musical crushes. Linda Rhonstadt, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar and Shania Twain come to mind. I’d like to add Janis Joplin, Maria Muldar and Christine McVie to the list. Yeah two are dead, but while they were alive could really inspire you. Christine McVie, she adds body to the vocals of Fleetwood Mac and is an outstanding songwriter in her own right.

Okay, see you on Wednesday.