President Assad of Syria just got a delivery of attack helicopters from Russia. There was the sound of a lot of people’s panties getting up in a bunch. Hillary Clinton already commented. The President has ideas. So do I. Back off, we don’t need to get involved in a country that’s killing dissidents. We shouldn’t send arms. Another surrogate war with Russia isn’t a good idea. Look at how good every other we’ve had worked out. Let’s allow Russia get involved in a money,resource suck pit. They’re having problems at home and no matter what you think even an ex-KGB thug like Putin can’t multitask. The problem is Russia devotes all its time and effort to whatever task is at hand. The folks at home will piss off Putin enough to have him cracking down on the dissidents. They’ll step up their protests. Putin fights back. And so on. Somewhere along the line Assad will start whining for more aid and Putin will notice that interfering isn’t such a good idea. All we have to do is convince Israel that supporting the dissidents is a way to secure their place in the Middle East. Israel’s paranoia will kick in and they’ll send some of their surplus weapons to the dissidents and hope for the best. What do we get? More worries that Israel will blow the Middle East wide open, a preoccupied Russia and a distraction form an economy heading down the crapper.


Okay, I’ll take put the rubbish out on the curb, after I mow the lawn