Last night I listened to the last CD in the Exegesis of Phillip K. Dick. It took me three months. There are forty three CDs and they tend to be sleep inducing. PKD left behind a ginormous file of reflections on what happened on February day in 1972. The incident was: after seeing a dentist for an extraction, under the influence of sodium pentathol he answered the door to a pharmacy delivery. The girl delivering the package wore a fish pendant that reflected in the sun. He had a transendant experience. Then he wrote about it, in great length. PKD dissects religion general and belief in particular. You have to understand at the time PKD had not yet achieved cult status and had a small degree of financial security. His health was not all that great and he was spiraling into mental illness. The published part of the exegesis is a perfect example of paranoid examination. He delves into obscure and arcane points concerning Man’s relationship with the biosphere and its relationship with God. He goes on, laying out his point. The point is: Everytime we damage the biosphere we harm God. I disagree. God is God. He is responsible for whatever creative manner our existence began. What happens after is our doing. We cannot harm an omnipotent being, we can piss Him off, but hurting God isn’t within our power. We’ve managed to really irritate Him by killing off entire species, raping the land, polluting the water and air and devoting too much time to killing other humans. You could see how He might be a bit peeved.

According to PKD the Second Coming has happened, at least twice. Once in the person of an Indian gentleman residing in London and in the person of a Buddhist in Southeast Asia named Tagur who is revered by his followers and suffers lesions to his legs when we defile nature. He reenacts the sacrefice of Christ. PKD and I overexplained the situation. All you have to know is we are the stewards of the Earth. We’ve been lousy stewards. In the rush to the top, we’ve ignored the ground we’re standing on. It’s like the drawing of a man sitting on a tree limb sawing the limb on the wrong side. Listen to the tree huggers, yes, they can be annoying but they have a point. We’re all in this together and profit may not be the best motive.

Cats have one body image of themselves, a sleek, lean body powered by muscles that react to any stimulus. This goes for the 43 pound TV celebrity cat and Sophie my cat. They all believe they can jump from the kitchen table to the counter without disturbing anything. They refuse to acknowledge that they are klutzes that overreach at every opportunity, and try to exhibit it. With the egos we’ve imposed upon them, you’d wonder if they really give a damn. They don’t. “Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God.” Anon.

Finished reading A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. All I want to know is; What happens next?

See you on Monday.

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