The armed forces in the U.S. are spread too thin. I know, we’re only fighting in Afghanistan and the rest of them are out of harm’s way in bases. The problem is we’re defending countries that really don’t need all that much attention. Take Germany, after WWII it was divided in two. The Allies had half and the USSR had the other half. The country’s been reunited and there’s a pretty good world domination isn’t a top priority with the average German. Let them build up their military. Let them shoulder some of the responsibility for babysitting some of the more unstable places. We unloaded on Japan.  Maybe having a nuclear power close to North Korea and China would stabilize the area. Both China and Korea saw what Japan did unprovoked in WWII and I don’t think they’d risk any crap if they knew that the Rising Sun could fry both of them if they needed to. What are we looking for in Thule Greenland? The USSR is broken up and Russia is playing Pick A Government. Putin is in charge and he’s got to deal with protesters. He can’t crack down too hard. A second Russian Revolution can happen. Plus a lot of the former SSRs might be harboring a grudge after those years that Mother Russia used them as a grocery store, miltary base and buffer from all those Western evils like capitalism and free trade. All of that aside, we can use our military at home. “For what?” you say. How about guarding our borders. Yep, we’ve got Customs and Immigration. How many are there? Obviously not enough to stop an influx of drugs that’s turning our cities into battlegrounds. Again, you look at your city and say “We’ve only had six drug related killings so far this month.” Look at the country as a whole, it adds up. The major cities are wholesale heroin markets and the Midwest is home for meth. If the cops didn’t have to chase heroin dealers they could devote time to dealing with local drug factories. It’s time we stopped having American GIs becoming part of the economy in countries where they really don’t like us, but our money spends just fine. Our military need to be home. Excessive tours in Afghanistan are cranking up the suicide rate in the military.

Another thing that all those GIs coming back from overseas can do is train the new recruits. Give the newbies a taste of what it’s like in country. When I was taught how to fix jet engines the engines we worked on were taken apart so many times they almost came apart all by themselves. When I got out in the field I ran into jets that were tightened up by heat and use. It was a rude awakening.

I loaded an MP3 player with tunes to listen to at night. Instead of mixing up the tracks it put them in alphabetical order. Got some great juxtaposition. Two hipsters and two eccentrics in three songs: Call Me by Blondie leading into Chuck E’s In Love by hipster queen Ricki Lee Jones. Eccentrics Riki Lee backed up by Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young. Judy Collins next to Joni Mitchell. The batteries were low so I’m sitting here charging it on the lap top at five in the morning.

I posted that if a radio station played Free Bird it was obligated to follow it by other songs. I’ve got a foursome:

Free Bird by Lynrd Skynrd

Not Fade Away by The Grateful Dead (the eleven minute track)

McArthur Park by Richard Harris

Alice’s Restaraunt by Arlo Guthrie

Any sugesstions?

I haven’t slept the past two nights. Listening to CDs and MP3s threatens me with horizontal air guitar. The oldies stations are so MOR that they bleep out shit and bitch at three in the morning. The edgeiest they get is Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein and Miss You by the Stones. Christ, they don’t play the Beatles all that much. Must be still stirred up about that Jesus Christ thing John Lennon said. Oh crap, it’s five thirty and the morning team is on.

About coices when the election comes around:

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See you Friday.