We need a military. The only problem is the one we have now is tangled up with contractors, trying to do a space age job with Wright brothers personnel and getting in places that we can’t get out of. I believe in Universal Conscription. Everyone at age eighteen is required to report for a physical. No doctor’s letters, exemptions or any phony ruse to get out of going. The physical will be comprehensive and those that fail wil serve a minimum of two years government service. If you pass you’re trained and given a job. You’ve got a choice; two years service with six years inactive reserve or four years active and two years inactive. For those who fall into categories like main support of family, essential services and any period when we are not engaged in active combat training upgrades will be given every two years and in emergencies you will be eligible to be called up.

The military won’t wind up being a dumping ground for the unemployable and under educated. You get trained to do a job that is convertible into civilian jobs. Specially trained personnel will be given an option for training in a converible job. There is not a lot of call for tank drivers, nuclear weapons specialists and or psy ops in the civilian world. While on active duty promotion will be determined by job proficiency.

Everyone enlisted will be eligble for medical care on a sliding scale while in service. Active duty personnell will have free medical care. Those who are active reserve will pay between 25% to 80% depending on service time.

Pay will be comensurate with civilian pay rates. Personnell will be able to afford housing and materials needed.

Personnell will not be armed during periods of active or inactive reserve. Proficiency in firearms is required.

Married personnell will be allowed base housing where they are posted.

Dependants of active duty personnell will be afforded the same benfits as active duty personnell.

Intelligence functions will be divorced from the military.

Material will be purchased from the lowest bidder. Any hidden costs will be punished by monetary levies and loss of bidding privilages.

Equipment will be kept updated and will only be replaced when deemed irreperably obsolete.

The Congress will be the only entity to declare war. Police actions, shoring up a favored regime, hunting terrorists and protecting American interests are war. Open debate is necessary.

The President cannot unilaterally deploy troops.

There are other issues that have to be confronted.

Upper echelon military personnell are forbidden from taking positions in companies supplying the military. Unpaid advisor with a deferred stock payment is a paying job.

There will be a mutual respect along the chain of command. A general should be willing to face the same thing an E-1.

During service conformity to military laws and other rules covering grooming will be required.

We’re screwed for anothe five years. Uncle Glen Beck will be on the air for the next five years. When Fox News tosses you, you’re too loony for prime time. But hey, everybody’s got the right to vent, rant, bloviate and generally pollute the airwaves.

Been burning CDs this weekend. Screwed up two of them. Now to rip and burn the tracks that survived. Got one with Robert Johnson.

Remember back when there were two pop stations in a market and you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to the “enemy”. We had two back in the sixties and seventies. Now one is all sports and the other is talk radio. Oldies are FM now. AM is left to minority stations, talk and canned news.

See you on Wednesday.