It’s official, the U.S. has a mother fixation. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee sent television into throes of orgasmic love. We look back at Great Britain and marvel at the continuity. We change leaders every eight years or so because we don’t want a monarch. There were a few right-wingers who wanted Reagan to stay on the job until he dropped. The man wasn’t all that connected to the job as it was. He was great at signing stuff into law and shadow boxing the USSR but let’s face it Dick Cheney ran the show. Cheney said he didn’t want to run. Why should he? He pretty much determined what went down as far as policy went. He made a comeback with W. The problem was W was a bit too independent for Dick’s taste. He made sure Haliburton made money and resigned himself to having a career as a sniper for the Right, taking pot shots at a president elected because the country wanted a change. Which brings me to:

What we need from government.

1) A sense of order and unity.

2) A military that can protect us.

3) Representation on the world stage as responsible power.

4) The reasonable assumption that we are safe from the occasional administration that believes it’s above the law.

5) Regulation of entities that can potentially bankrupt us or worse.

6) The ability to lead our lives freely as long as we don’t impinge upon the rights of others.

7) An intelligence system that will assess problems and report them without bias.

8) Open debate on policies that have a bearing on the welfare of the people.

9) Protection from members of society who choose not to live within reasonable constraint.

10) An education that will prepare the citizen for a productive life.

11) A system of healthcare that will provide citizens who cannot afford healthcare with protection

12) The ability for the citizen to have a forum by which he can make his needs known to his representitive.

13) Protection of all children.

14) Freedom of our bodies.

15) Respect for and seperation from religion

Those are a few of my favorite things.

The nuns are taking a road trip. Yep, those women who’ve been toiling in the vineyards of the Lord are rising up against the male-dominated power structure. The Pope is pissed. Too bad.The nuns have taught the children and ministered to the needy and were second-class citizens. They never complained, not that they didn’t feel overused. You don’t tell the priest that you think his attitude toward women is Neanderthal. Now instead of rapping the knuckles of rebellious students like me, they’re speaking out. Google Sister Margret Farley.

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