A while back I posted about adapting the Israeli system for our military. It is simple every able bodied person spends two years in military training. After that you’re in the reserve, subject to be called up when needed. The standing Army can be reduced if we enact this next idea. If the President wants to send troops anywhere a able bodied blood relative will be sent in the second of troops. If the relative is a son or daughter it will cause some thought before we send someone else’s children to fight. The present vice president has a son in the military who is either in country or returned from a tour. If you add in everyone in Congress who voted for the troop deployment, the chances of winding up babysitting a “democratic” government that happens to located over an ocean of petroleum. It would encourage talking about any disputes and maybe allow us to view the rest of the world as fellow passengers not “Them vs Us”

They’re adding a new reality show over at NBC. Just what we need, easy programming. Building up false tension between people we don’t or shouldn’t care about. It’s easy to do “reality” shows. Just get twenty or so disparate people, stick them in a mansion or on an island, put them through “tests” or “challenges” and string it out for ten weeks and give whoever’s left $500,000. Repeat next season. Barring an uprising of viewers who want to keep their brains from turning into oatmeal. Email your local affiliate, tell them programming sucks and put quality programming on.

The local MA oldies station is stalking me. With music. Couldn’t sleep last night. Lay in bed staring at the ceiling. About 4 am turned on the radio. Eric Clapton, Warren Zevon, Styx, Queen, the usual suspects they play a midnight. I listen to the MA station because they’re a little darker than the local oldies station. The local station likes a bit of bubblegum in their mix. The MA station caters to adults who want to relive their youth, like me. At least for two hours.

Worth listening to:


                        Alabama Shakes

Back to our story:

The nurse sat with Ronald in an interview room. She sat close enough for Ronald to get a whiff of her scent, one she carefully chose. It worked on any man she wanted to pick up. It worked well with her natural charms. Ronald spoke quietly, telling the nurse about how he felt about the women he saw on television. It wasn’t sex, it was love. A platonic love for women he couldn’t attain. He knew that. The nurse tried to remain detatched but found this man to be sweet in an old fashioned way. Ronald Fox was a throwback to an age she’d wished she lived in. She passed the notes on to the therapist.

The therapist had his weekly meeting with Ronald. He didn’t go over ground the nurse had covered. He asked Ronald questions about abstracts, God, religion, the state of the world. Ronald answered the questions noncommitally. He didn’t have an opinion about any other than “I dunno.” The therapist asked about Ronald’s temper. He asked pointed questions designed to evoke a response. Ronald didn’t take the bait. The therapist pressed Ronald about his nonresponse. Still no response other than a slight shifting in his seat. He asked if Ronald was angry at the man he’d shot. Ronald thought for a long minute. He told the therapist that he hardly knew the man and had pleasant conversations with him on occasion.

Ronald went back to the television lounge. He saw a female judge he loved mediate a dispute about payment of rent. He sat calmly when one of the other patients made rude remarks about the judge. The other patient didn’t know her. He slowly, the only way his mind would function, made a plan. It would go into effect that night.

See you on Wednesday.