The President came out in favor of gay marriage. After being kinda pushed into it by the Veep. Romney came out…..against it. If Obama liked fuzzy kittens, Romney would find some Republican appartchnik to state that fuzzy kitten cause cancer. Romney wants to talk about the economy. We don’t need a tax on tea imported from England. Gay marriage is such a nonissue. Progressive states will allow it and those states that won’t acknowledge Darwin won’t. There are people who now have another reason n ot to vote for Obama, besides the black thing. Yep, I said it. Racists don’t like gays any more than they’d let a mixed race couple move in next door.(Except if the woman is black, feed those fantasies) A lot of bloggers have posted about the vote in North Carolina. To all the people who oppose gay marriage: Move to North Carolina. The Republicans are going to use Obama’s stand on gay marriage to lure in otherwise intelligent voters to back Romney. Personally, I think Romney has no real opinion on gay marriage. Somebody just told him he’s against it.

Now is the time to vote with your brain. Are we going to elect a party that caters to fat cats that see the Federal government as a slush fund they can dip into anytime they need another million or so? All the talk about knowing how to jump-start the economy by letting the 1% have all the tax breaks they could have wished for and more. The nonissues are going to decide this race. The average Joe doesn’t understand the economy. All he knows is he’s hurting and somebody will have to stop it. The Democrats will have to come up with a plan that appeals to the 99%. Then they’ve got to get rid of the smokescreen. It’s a lot of work. Dirty work. They’ve got to mount a campaign that is pragmatic. The Republicans have been doing it since Nixon. Use the gut issues. The Easter basket programs will come with the election. The Democrats have to control their urge to offer programs that will help the common man. It is the ECONOMY STUPID. Make sure the voter understands that he’s being played by the Right (not to be confused with the Republicans) and whoever they run is a puppet for the monied few. Then once you’re in do it.

What about that story Tom? It’s something that has been rattling around my brain. I really don’t have a full blown outline or any real idea of how the story should go. I’m just writing It’s not quite stream of consiciousness. It’s just the scenes in a story. Maybe along the way it’ll get a little more fleshed out but right now we’re looking at what happens to a strange man. No sound track yet. Back to Ronald Fox.

Ronald Fox went to trial. The prosecution portrayed him as a cold-blooded killer who acted on feelings he’d long repressed. The prosecutor was eloquent. The witnesses he called all agreed with his contention. Doctors tried to explain the mental disorder they supposed that the defendant suffered from. Eye witnesses repeated the same story at least ten times. Even those who didn’t have a clear view of what happened saw everything clearly. Questions from the defense on cross-examination didn’t shake their beliefs. After five days, the prosecution rested.

The defense put up a valiant case. They called witnesses to attest to the good character of Ronald Fox. Witnesses stated that the victim had been a provocateur. They had doctors who stated that Ronald Fox’s behavior was an abberation. Ronald Fox did not take the stand. His attorney believed that putting Ronald Fox on the stand would project an image of a man who was disconnected from reality. After three days, the defense rested.

The closing arguements were masterpieces of oration. The prosecutor painted picture of a disturbed mind. A man who was a ticking time bomb. He killed the man who happened to be next to Ronald Fox when it went off.

The defense described Ronald Fox as a man who was provoked into killing a man. He tried to elicit sympathy for Ronald Fox. It was difficult. Ronald Fox was just a man sitting at a table impassively.

The jury went into chambers and began to deliberate. There was no doubt that he’d shot the man. They were sure he was imbalanced. What they couldn’t decide on was the reason Ronald Fox had shot the man. They argued back and forth. One side believed the defendant was evil and was going to kill someone sooner or later. The other side thought that Ronald Fox had been living in his own world until someone disturbed it. He fought back. The arguements continued for two weeks. The jury finally decided that Ronald Fox did in fact kill a man but was not responsible for what he’d done.

The jury took their seats in the jury box. The judge aske if they had come to a verdict. The foreman stood and told the judge that they had. The prosecution and defense table rose. The foreman read the verdict. Ronald Fox didn’t acknowledge the verdict. Everyone sat done. The judge instructed the jury that they would now have to decide on a punishment for Ronald Fox.