I reblogged a post on herbs to take the place of a recipe. Unless you’re looking for a new twist on tuna noodle casserole. Got to make red sauce today and I’m pretty sure there’s a recipe for it in a past blog.

Congrats to the CIA for having a double agent turn over the newest model underwear bomb. It beats the old way, waiting for them to misfire.

Back to the story:

The police arrested the man who said “I love you” to the women on television. The found out his name was Ronald Fox. He was sixty years old. He lived alone in an apartment and had never married. He had two traffic tickets in his past. He had served in the military. He bought his handgun legally. He didn’t know the man he shot any better than to speak to him in the bar. Ronald Fox spoke little. He answered questions as truthfully as he could. He explained that the man he shot was the devil and tried to make him kill a man who owned the company that fired his favorite spokeswoman. He didn’t seem sorry about what he had done. In fact, he seemed resigned to his fate.

Ronald Fox spent the night in a jail cell under suicide watch. The police believed he was going to harm himself. This wasn’t true. Ronald Fox wanted to live. When he was arraigned, the public defender that had been assigned to his case entered a plea of guilty by reason of insanity. This was not true. Ronald Fox was probably the sanest man in the courtroom. Saner than the judge who dreamt about being governor. Saner than the prosecutor who wanted to take a holiday with his lover. And definitely saner than the public defender who saw this case as a ticket to legal stardom. He was remanded to custody because he could not make the five hundred thousand dollar bail the judge assigned. Ronald Fox sat in his jail cell. A minister visited him. The minister talked about God and forgiveness. Ronald didn’t listen. He didn’t need to be forgiven.

The next day the public defender visited to discuss the case. He believed that a jury would take one look at Ronald and listen to the account of his behavior after the shooting and have him committed to a state institution for the criminally insane. He also believed that Ronald’s non-involvement would get him killed within a week of his release into the general population.  He didn’t tell Ronald this. In all the public defender visited Ronald fifteen times in the course of his ten month incarceration. He would keep Ronald out of prision. He would get Ronald killed. Ronald said nothing except to answer questions that the public defender posed. The public defender and the district attorney both sent doctors to talk to Ronald. They believed he was barely competent. The police detectives interogated Ronald and were convinced he wasn’t mentally able to understand what was happening to him. So Ronald sat in his cell, waiting.

Ronald’s trial took place in the summer. It was hot and humid. The jurors selected weren’t pleased with having to hear a trial when they could be elsewhere. Each one, independently of others decided Ronald was guilty. The judge hadn’t made any judgement about Ronald, but he thought the trial was a waste of time.