Let’s get started:

Rupert Murdoch was deemed unfit to run NewsCorp. Ya think? All he’s done is give employment to Bill O’Reilly, Geraldo Rivera and John Stossel. He owns a news/cable network that employs conservative pundits who are too wacko for most of the Right to swallow. He should have been put out to pasture after he gave a guided tour of NewsCorp.

Beware!!! There’s anarchists loose in Ohio. Seven miscreants were arrested by the FBI in Cleveland after buying fake explosives from the FBI. You’d think when a guy in a tie-dyed tee shirt with Fuck The System pins trys to sell you explosives you’d have second thoughts. Maybe they were trying to impress their pseudo-inteelectual girl friends. After looking at their mug shots they have the appearance of guys who spend all together too much time in the bathroom whacking off to pictures of Emma Goldman.

A mom in New Jersey was charged with felony child endangerment after her kid got a sunburn and told the teacher she got it tanning with Mommy. Okay, first of all it’s illegal for anyone under 14 to use tanning facilities. That being said Google “Woman arrested for tanning daughter” and take a look at Mom. She looks like an overdone turkey. She says “I tan, she doesn’t tan” This woman has had her brains fried by UV rays. Parents have the right to raise their kids the way they see fit but they can’t turn them into beach goddesses at age 5. That’s what spray tans are for.

More reasons why your parents shouldn’t watch your kids. A grandfather was charged with child endangerment, DUI. operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license for towing his grandchild behind his SUV in her toy car. The car was fastened to the SUV with two dog leashes, at least they didn’t use frayed rope or twine. Granddad has three prior DUIs. Good choice of babysitters dad. Granma was in the cargo area cheering her grandaughter on. Dad had stern words with his mom when the police called him. How about “Kiss seeing your grandaughter goodbye”

The had a bang-up party in Hell when J Edgar Hoover showed up for the fifteenth anniversary of Joe McCarthy’s arrival. I hope they have a lot to talk about, chin deep in cow shit.

On that pleasant note, the recipe:

You’ll need:

2 Lbs ground beef

1 med onion, chopped

1T vegetable oil

11/2 T chili powder

3 cloves garlic, minced

1T ground cumin

dried chiles, arbole, habenero or however hot you want the mix

1T tomato paste

12 oz beer, this time the cheap stuff works best

24 oz beef broth


1)Heat oil to smoking in heavy pot.

2) Add ground beef, cook until gray

3) Add onions, garlic cook for 5 min.

4) Add tomato paste

5) Add cumin, chili powder and chiles

6) Add beer, beef broth.

7) Simmer on low heat for at least 3 hrs.

Mangia, see ya Friday