George Zimmerman was released from jail on bail today. Hope all the vigilantes out there stay home and let justice take her course. Just because he took the law into his own hands, it doesn’t mean everybody else should decide to expidite the trial system. If everything goes according to the template that our Founding Fathers set up a fallible man  will be tried in a fallible system to achieve a just verdict.

North Korea’s Illustrious Leader and Grand Poobah has threatened to burn Seoul to ashes. He’ll use the tried and true method of “unprecidented peculiar  means and methods of our own style”. He’s imported Godzilla? If these aren’t the usual empty threats and drivel Kim Jong-Un will get his wish, he’ll be known forever. Of course he’ll be known as the nutjob who got a whole country barbequed because he believed his own press clippings. He’ll join Hitler, Stalin, Nero, Caligula and all the rest of the tinpot dictators who wanted to rule the world. He should read up on karma, particularly instant karma, the kind that comes down when you really do something fucking stupid. Not that his predecessors showed a lot of smarts. But lets just watch and wait. If he realizes he’s doing something really ignorant (small chance of that) the reasons why he didn’t follow through should be an exercise in poltical rhetoric right up there with some of the All-Stars like Joe McCarthy, Dick Nixon and Spiro Agnew.

On a related note; Kim Jong-Un has planned a $2B extravaganza with parades and fireworks to celebrate the unveiling of a mega-statue of Kim Jong-Il. This is a country that spent $85B on a failed missle program. The money could buy Chinese corn and feed the people. Isn’t that one of the things that Socialism is supposed to take care of? Kim’s got priorities, you know.

In Maryland two brothers, Eliyahu and Avi Werdsheim are going to trial for the beating of a 15 year old Black youth. They said he had a board with nails in it and were just protecting their neighborhood. The Werdsheim boys are being charged with assault, false imprisionment and carrying a deadly weapon (a hand-held radio used to hit the youth on the head). People in Sanford Florida are going to watch the trial closely. George Zimmerman is watching the trial on TV. Eliyahu was suspended from Shomrim of Baltimore a Jewish neighborhood watch. There have always been tensions between the Blacks and the Jews. As people they’ve been the most oppressed. Are they fighting for the title of Most Oppressed?

Literary Birthdays: William Shakespeare 4/23/1569 and Vladmir Nabakov 4/23/1899. Some people believe they wrote dirty stuff.

Some books I’m reading (ADD is a bitch):

Buntline Special by Mike Resnick      A steampunk Western.

Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore      A comedy featuring Toulouse Latrec and painters of La Belle Epoch

Drift by Rachel Maddow                      A well written history of US military

Triple Play by Max Allen Collins        The master of the historical mystery and heir to Mickey Spillaine’s mantle

See you Wednesday