Got to keep it short today. Visited the dentist yesterday and had some major work done. Ibuprofen works good during the day but last night tried a Vicoden. Bad idea. Seven hours isn’t enough sleep. I’m talking coma, dead to the world sleep. The kind that makes you want to sleep in the bathtub in case of accidents. None happened but you never know.

Last week had an echocardiogram, or ultrasound for your heart. Got a chance to see my heart working. When the tech zeroed in on the wonky valve he stayed there. With sound added it almost made me want surgery. Almost. The next day the cardiologist called and told me everything was okay and just be careful.

The NYT had an article about the Sox. They highlighted the fact that their record so far this season sucks.  It’s April for God’s sake. The Sox have until September to fold. The thing they mentioned but didn’t pay enough attention to were injuries. A good part of the team is sore, sprained or just beat up. The DL will shrink and the Sox will either amaze the collective Fenway Faithful by winning the division or tanking. The Yankees aren’t doing all that good and this weekend they play the Sox probably fueled the article. Living in CT were between both teams and the bias toward either team visibly changes as you move northeast from the NY border. Who’s missing in this picture? The Mets. The local news outlets ignore them and focus on the age-old travails of the Yanks and Sox. The Mets have the best early season record of the three teams.

See you Monday.