It’s Wednesday and you know what that means, I’ve got to post a blog and watch the Mets go done in flames in Atlanta.

The Democrats really don’t want the White House. If they did, they’d keep a close watch on various operatives. Right now it’s Hillary Rosen. She opened her mouth and said Ann Romney hadn’t worked a day in her life. (More on that later) Ann Romney reared up and fired back that raising five boys was a hard job. Points for the GOP. Dems lose an opportunity to make political hay. All they needed was a little background on Mitt. Did he hire au pairs or nannies while the boys were growing up? If he did, how come nobody noticed it? He’s running for President. You’ve got to know who you’re going to run against in November. The hell of it is Ann didn’t really get mad at the comment. She faked it. She said it was a birthday present. And Hillary Rosen was tossed under the bus by fellow Dems who’d never say something like that, in public. She made a dumbass mistake. The fact of the matter is most women don’t have the luxury to stay home and raise a family. The economy’s in the crapper and every penny you can put on the table is needed. Women make real world choices. They sometimes have to give up time with their children to ensure that they have food and clothing. Hillary and Ann, shut up.

In 1906 San Francisco got the big one. Yep, today’s the anniversary of the earthquake. 3,000 people died and the city pretty much burned down. It was an example of misjudgement, heroism and the never give up spirit. Also an example of not moving when God shakes the ground. San Franciscans are a lot like people in Tornado Alley. They know that really bad stuff could happen but won’t move. They’ve predicted that SanFran is going to be in the Pacific since 1906. People still live there. They’ve improved building methods and ramped up search and rescue.

Todays recipe:

You’ll need:

1 Premade pie crust in foil pan

4 Eggs, beaten

1C Shredded cheddar, or any favorite cheese

1/2C Diced ham

1/2C Sliced mushrooms

I/2 cup asparagus cut into 1″ pieces and microwaved til just tender

1T AP flour


1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2) Combine cheese, ham, mushrooms, asparagus and flour. Toss til covered

3) Add mix to pie crust, add eggs.

4) Bake 35 to 40 min. Watch to make sure crust doesn’t burn. If it starts toward the end of the cooking time shut the oven off and let it coast until done.

You’ve probably noticed that I excluded salt, pepper, herbs and spices. You know what flavors you like. And if salt is an issue you have to eliminate it. Use your imagination.