Words and Numbers 50

Fifty posts in a series of, uh, I don’t know.

Eleven Secret Service agents were sent home for having a disagreement with a prostitute in Catagena, Colombia. They want the head of the Secret Service fired because of “a culture of laxness” in the Service. Okay, your job is to protect the President, you’re in freakin’ Colombia, so you pick up a bunch of local talent to make the nights go faster. What’s wrong with this picture? The President is in Colombia where killing politicians who disagree with the local drug lords wind up dead. Say they get past the iron ring of Colombian military, what happens next?

“Uh, Ralph you mind getting up. We’ve got a situatuion.”

“I’ve got a situatuon in here. You won’t believe what she can do.”

“Renegade’s in trouble. You better come quick.”

“If you keep bugging me I will.”

“Ralph, this is no joke.”

“Go away, I’m off duty.”

These guys protected W without an incident, that we knew of. Hell, he might’ve filmed them and sold the tapes to Dick Cheney.

Andres Brevic, who killed 77 people, pled self-defence. He was waging a war against multi-culturalism. Hey, Andes, c’mere I got something to tell you. All those people your defending from the cultures that are tainting your pure race spent a lot of time in the places that these people you hate exploiting them. You wonder why they want to see where their troubles came from. Think back, say to the 30’s and 40’s, Germany say. They had a similar campaign, it failed. The upside is the governments who were affected  by the Nazis spend a lot of time making sure they don’t get started climbing back into power. Anyway, they like tattoos and piercings, you know keeping it pure.

Darlene Mays got busted for dealing pot. Her age wasn’t given, but judging by her picture she’s north of sixty five. Police say she accounted for 40% of the pot in her area. They found guns and $276K. I don’t want to get all Libertarian on you but people who’ve worked all their lives should be able to supplement the pittance the government doles out each month. Free Darlene!!!

Have an interesting day.