Happy Friday the Thirteenth. Walk under a ladder, break a mirror, spill salt or get a black cat to cross your path. Take a chance. If you get trashed by a semi it proves certain acts will seriously put a hurtin’ on your mojo.

Worshipping at the Church of Fenway this afternoon. Couldn’t attend services so I’m watching them on TV. It’s Opening Day, Friday the Thirteenth anything else Sox bretheren? It’s early in the season and the talking sports heads are talking about a collapse. Geez, the season just started, wait until September.

Charles Manson was denied parole for the twelveth time. Probably his last, but you never know. You’d think by now they’d agree just to phone it in, what with Charlie not being all that remorseful.  In other news; Charlie may have a son. Some guy wants a DNA test to prove he’s Manson’s son. Not something I’d put on a resume. I wonder how it started?

“Mom you don’t talk about my real father much.”

“It was the Sixties and everybody was a little wild.”

“So, do you know?”

“It was kind of an orgy, it was the Sixties. There was this little guy Charlie. He had weird eyes. We had sex and I wound up pregnant with you.”

“You know his last name?”

“Mason, Manson something like that.”

“Charlie Manson, boy, wait until the guys hear this.”

“Yes, well finish your liver and make sure you wash after you eat. And don’t leave your knives lying around your bedroom. Love ya.”

Cathy Sanford was fired from her job as volleyball coach and science teacher at the Heritage Christian Academy because she was pregnant. She wasn’t married even though she said she’d get married. Kind of reminds me of another story about an unmarried woman who was pregnant. She married a guy who took the child as his own even though he was honorable. The kid turned out all right. He had a bunch of stories written about him, some people worship him and he’s mentioned at least a thousand times a day when somebody slams his thumb with a hammer. That last part is poetic because he learned to be a carpenter. One thing about the kid, he never judged people. He looked at all people as God’s children. If he were in charge of Heritage Christian Academy he’d let Cathy keep her job and most likely make sure her medical needs were taken care of. He was that kind of guy. The Heritage Christian Academy is giving Christ a bad name.

On a related front: An on-line poll of 3999 people 52% thought she should have been fired and 48% thought not. You’re trying Texas.