Gotta be quick today. I’m getting an echocardiogram this afternoon. I know why I’ve got a deep bond with my cardiologist. I’ve got a wonky valve and they can’t think of any way to fix it. It’s at its best when a new nurse in the hospital takes my bp and pulse. My pulse is usually 30. So much for machines.

Are we closet bigots? Do you watch Smoking Gun’s Worst Car Thieves and when the police pull some drunk, speeder and we see that he’s black say “It figures”? Right now two items in the news are rattling the collective cages of bigots and non-bigots alike. The first is the Trayvon Martin case. Yesterday the prosecutor said she’s not going to bring George Zimmerman before a grand jury. She’s got enough evidence or she’ll sandbag everybody and not bring charges. Either way expect a lot of verbiage rising and sides being taken. Mostly by people who have no vested  interest in the case. George’s lawyers stepped aside yesterday because they haven’t met him face-to-face yet and they don’t know where he is. Though Zimmerman did set up a website to tell his side of the story and solicit funds for his expected defense. The other case is the one with roomies Jacob England and Alvin Watts. Right now they’re being held under $9.16 M. The authorities are waiting to discover if this case was racially motivated. Okay, they drove a pick-up into a predominantly black neighborhood and shot five people. Three dead and two wounded. England’s father was shot by a black man. England and Watts say they shot randomly. In a black neighborhood? How can that be random? And not racially motivated? England has a black friend who expressed disbelief that he did any shooting. NBC made sure they had the black friend to either show that England wasn’t an out-and-out racist or to demonstrate that they’ll go anywhere to show no bias on a story.

No recipe today. Will post one tommorrow. Have an interesting day.