Words and Numbers 47

Gunter Grass wrote a poem. It was called “What Must Be Said”. It stated the Israel is guilty of occupying Palestinian land. It also states that Israel is a nuclear bully. Critics called him an Anti-Semite. The Jewish people have been oppressed since they came into existence. This does not automatically mean that they are a nation of people who should be excused from criticism because of their past. The Germans have been as a group been villified as the prototypical Anti-Semites, at least since WWII. The Palestinians have been in the running since they made bombing Jewish businesses and places where Jewish people congregate an national sport. As Americans we are tied to Israel. Our politicians have gone to great extremes to insure Israel’s survival. Perhaps too far. We have our own Anti-Semites and the ACLU and JDL make sure that we punish them. Americans have blind spots where our allies are concerned. If we allow anti-Communists stand on a street corner and preach about the evils that abounded in the Soviet Union during the Cold War we violated the Freedom of Speach of the Marxists who disagreed because to speak out invited a visit from the FBI or at worst a session before HUAC. If someone questions Israel’s intent for their nuclear stockpile they’re branded anti-Semitic because Israel can do no wrong. If Israel percieves their Arab neighbors as a threat and someone says they’re looking for an excuse to bomb Iran or the enemy du jour back into the Stone Age. They’re called anti- Semitic. The total annihilation of the world is at stake. If Israel starts a war, we suffer. The paranoia that grips the Arab nations is well-founded. Israel is looking for an excuse. Iran has given them one. Iran is not a friend of the U.S. and bristles at any attempt to have them “play nice” with their neighbors. Simply what we have is an area of the world that is dominated by entities that dislike each other at best and advocate total destruction of their enemies at worst. We hear that Iran and other Arab states advocate the destruction of Israel, we don’t listen to the fact Israel is planning the same fate for its neighbors. All we can do is appease parts of the population who remember the Iran Hostage Crisis. They don’t understand why. Maybe we backed an oppressive regime and misread the incoming rulers. We have a portion of our populace that won’t forget WWII and remeber the Holacaust. We shouldn’t forget, but at the same time we should recognize that the victim has become a bully and we enable him. Our position should include sanctions against any country that advocates unrest in a valuable part of the World. This includes treating our allies to more stringent policies than a wrist slap. We should pull away from the oil teat. We put ourselves in the position of being petroleum addicts. We allowed the petroleum companies feed the addiction and when they couldn’t feed our habit we went to another dealer and scored there. They upped the price and we bridled but we paid. When the people who were exploited by the suppliers wanted to get more of the profits, we supported the wrong side.

If we exert more pressure on Israel to coexist with its neighbors we’re not anti-Semetic. Showing humanity toward countries that antagonize us will not make us weak. The present administration should look at the politics of pragmatism. We need all of the Middle East to remain peaceful because a misstep could bring in players we’re not prepared to deal with, namely the Chinese who are debt holders to us and possibly to the rest of the Western Bloc.

Take a world view. Economically we’re going to Hell. Europe is trying to relive the fifties and sixties when money was loose and anything could be bought. The Middle East is threatening to push the world to oblivion because everyone’s afraid of offending any of the players. We should look back to our parents, those who survived the Great Depression and take some notes. They were willing to sacrifice and take measures to insure that we would survive. I’m tired. I don’t have a solution, just a rant that started in Germany and wound up in the Middle East.