It’s been a mixed week. The UCONN Women were bounced from the NCAA Tourney by Notre Dame. The Mets ended a meaningless preseason by beating the Yankees with a ninth inning walk-off home run.

My first beef, a walk-off homer run occurs when a player is in the game as a substitute. Not every time a regular player hits a homer in the ninth inning. The problem began last season when players inserted in the ninth hit homers in broadcast games. Before you knew it, every announcing team picked up the phrase and applied it liberally. Start locally. If your local sportscaster uses the phrase “Walk-off Homer” improperly call them on it. Send an e-mail explaining the phrase and how to use it properly.

Without further ado, today’s recipe. You’ll need:

11/2 lbs ground turkey (White meat if you’re not worried, dark meat if you want it leaner.)

1 Package chicken stuffing mix

1 Lg egg

1T ground sage

1T ground thyme

1T ground rosemary

1T chopped parsley

4 strips bacon, cooked, chopped

1) Preheat oven to 350F

2) Combine all ingredients in large bowl. Refrigerate until oven reaches temperature

3) Line a loaf pan with waxed paper or parchment

4) Pack mixture into pan, invert onto half sheet pan

5) Bake in oven until internal temp is 165F

6) Let rest 10 minutes, serve with rice and vegetable

If you want gravy:

Use packaged gravy mix or,

Make a roux with 1T butter, 1T flour. Cook five minutes stirring. Add 11/2 C chicken broth and pan drippings if any.

Cook until thickened.

You can do this meat loaf with chicken or, if you’re really adventurous try grinding fish filets coarsely. For herbs onion powder, garlic powder and ground dill would be nice.

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