I read the “On This Day” column in the NYT. Yesterday came across one that really grabbed me. On April 1 1987 President Ronald Reagan told doctors in Philadelphia that “We’ve declared AIDS public health enemy No1”. What happened? Did we forget? Is there a more deadly diease? Or did we lose it in the shit storm that followed and AIDS got covered over in the landslide? Or is it still a stigma that no one wants to be connected with? Or is it unpopular to be aligned with a disease that ravages the gay community? The answers to the questions is “Sorry, we forgot. You know how it goes, what with changes in administrations the economy and the fact our standard of living is in the toilet, it sorta slipped our minds.” It’s an epidemic. We can’t find a cure. We can’t cure the common cold but people don’t waste away when the sneezing starts. I’ve always believed in back of my brain that AIDS is just the beginning of a chain reaction that we’ve started. First we as humans are being attacked. Then the environment goes south and the planet winds up a sterile ball orbiting the Sun waiting for the next experiment. Yep, we’re lab rats in a failed trial. The only thing is, we have a chance to change the parameters of the trial, but we don’t believe we can. If we did we’d take better care of the planet, ourselves and the other creatures along for the ride. I’m not going to preach, nobody listens. Make changes or wait for the circling motion that goes along with the flushing.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates. This has caused a lot of problems. It has driven hundreds off the interstate of life onto and off-ramp where we sit, take deep breaths and wonder what the hell we were doing moving that fast. We’re moving through life and maybe wr’re moving too fast, but this is one time we can’t complain about the speed limit, we drew it up. Millions are left behind because they have the misfortune to be born in a continent that doesn’t have Starbucks, Wal-Mart or any of the myriad of things that make our lives worth living. Don’t pull off the road, keep moving just don’t keep swerving lane to lane. Move at a proper speed, check where you are and try to make the ride worthwhile. We can’t all save the world but we can find the people who at least have a good idea of what should be done. If they ask for millions of dollars, move on.