Today we’ve got a bit of ground to cover. Stuff has been popping up all over the place and my ADD has been in overdrive.

You Could’ve Bought a Used One Eric Clapton just shelled out 4.75 million for a Ferrari. It’s SPC-12 EPC, that’s Special Project Car 12 Eric Patrick Clapton. Guess all those years trying to play like Robert Johnson payed off. Kobe paid 329 thou for a new Ferrari. Guess he didn’t find out about Slowhand’s ride in time.

Trayvon Martin’s parents want to tradmark “I am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon” to prevent anyone from capitalizing on his name. But if push came to shove, they could. The local police are leaking Trayvon’s school record. He was suspended 10 days for possessing a baggie that might have contained marijuana. In that case anyone who wants to help mom save money is in their sights. He was also suspended for tagging. In other words he was a pretty normal teenager. Meanwhile George Zimmerman is still in hiding. He fears for his life. He’s probably still has his gun. One thing, if the real liberals had their way they’d be scouring Zimmerman’s condo for Wehrmacht uniforms and hoods and white robes. Arrest him for illegal discharge of a firearm. At least they’ll know where he is.

Obamacare is getting beat up by the Right, big news. The Supreme Court is hearing the case, big news in a couple months. The Right has got to get one thing through their heads; abolishing the Federal Government is a real bad idea. Oregon would have a tough time dending itself against an attack by Canada. The Libertarians are willing to let the average joe hold an ounce for personal use, but are going to be first in line if a foriegn cartel moves into the local pot business. The Liberals really want universal health care. They become Libertarians when the bill for the bloated machine that the program breeds comes due. We’ve got to look at healthcare simply: If you can afford health insurance you should pay for it. If you’re in the middle class your costs should be pro rated. If you can’t afford to pay the government should pick up the tab. The Conservetives and Libertarians will complain about invasion of privacy when the system makes them come up with documentation that they need Viagra and will be willing to have the government pay for it if it reaches $100 a cap thanks to deregulation of the drug companies. The Liberals will have a complaint when the medicinal marijuana the government supplies them for anxiety brought on by Republicans getting elected isn’t the quality of the Maui Wowie they got the last trip to the islands. Thoreau was right; “Simplify,simplify, simplify.” The legislators should spend some time about  thinking outside the box and not listening to every yahoo who has an opinion, like me.

Today’s recipe. You’ll need:

1lb cooked pasta (I used tortelini. Small shells, fettucine or farfalle work well)

1/2 C half and half

1/2 C sliced mushrooms

1/2 C diced onion

1/2 C grated pamesian (this is a good use for the pregrated stuff, you know the brand)

Asparagus, about 10 to 15 spears, blanched and cut into 1″ pieces. (Buy a bunch or see if your market has it frozen.

IT butter


Saute onions and mushroom in large skillet.

Add asparagus pieces, heat through.

Add half and half, grated cheese.

Bring to simmer, add cooked pasta.

Serve in large bowl garnished with chopped parsely.