This is gonna be short. I’m watching the Sox and Phillie on ESPN and looking at the prospect of finishing a piece for a WD contest. The first draft is writing itself because I planned on using it as the closing piece of something longer. I’ve rethought that. I’m better adapted to writing short stories. Novels hurt my head what with going back and forth checking facts, reading the outline and fighting the urge to kill everybody off and ending the story with the scurrying of cockroaches and chirping of crickets.

The cardiologist suggested that I add fish to my diet. I still get aromatic flashbacks of perch, bass and johnnyroaches being overcooked in butter. I decided to ease in. Tilapia in beer batter. Got a six pack of Guiness to make the batter. It’s not the healthiest but I need to be dealt with gently. Got to make a midweek market run to pick up malt vinegar. I need it to help with the fish.

NCAA men’s basketball is winding down. Don’t have a rooting interest in any team since UCONN got bounced early. The women on the other hand, could go all the way. They’re playing like the team we know and love. I really hope for a Notre Dame/ UCONN match-up. Revenge is sweet, especially if your opponent is an equal. It’s no fun steamrolling lesser teams. Sure you can have a drinking game, a shot for every three pointer. The fans got spoiled other seasons and would hope for a hundred point game. Some of them are having adjusting to reality.

Today an odd match-up in birthdays 3/26/1904, Joseph Campbell and 3/26.1911 Tennessee Williams. Two people who dealt in myth. One tried to explain our belief system by explaining myths, the other wrote them.