Happy Monday because ESPN is carrying a ball game and it’s going to fit the 70’s today. One thing about the announcers/comentators they got Terry Francona. At last a place where we”ll get to hear his knowledge about the game. The Sox canned him because he lost control of the team and the didn’t make the post-season. Attilla the Hun couldn’t control that team.

SPAM ALERT: I usually delete spam en masse without reading any of them. I’ve decided to feature some of the best on Monday. Here’s two:

Best Penis, okay I’m happy with the one I’ve got and I don’t think your magic formula will make me like it more. Now, Best Brain. I can use that.

FedEx is holding a package for me. It contains a check for 40G. All they want is a $100. Listen, deduct it from the total and send me the $39990. I can wait.

Mittens Romney won Puerto Rico. Now if someone would introduce him to some.

John Demjejjuk died last week. There’s a special place in hell for him if he was guilty. I know, it’s not popular to feel bad about ex-Nazis. The Israeli high court said that all the witnesses couldn’t have had that clear of a memory. Your time in a concentration camp would stick in your mind but I think the daily fight to stay alive would trump who was guarding you. If he is guilty, I hope they cook him on a spit. If he’s not a lot of people better check their karma chart.

Last week was the anniversary of the murder of Kitty Genovese. If you’re reading this and you don’t know who she was, Google her. I’ll wait. Okay, she was stabbed to death outside of her apartment and thirty eight people allegedly heard her cries for help but no one called the police. If one person heard her being murdered and didn’t call it in makes that one person as guilty as the person who held the knife. It’s one thing to keep out of places in the world where we will wind up slogging through a waist deep morass that will eat money and kill those unlucky enough to be sent there. I sound like a hypocrite because I’m saying get involved at home but ignore the world’s problems. Listen, we’ve got to make sure our own house is in order before we criticize how others live. We can’t impose democracy on the rest of the people. Some places it just won’t work. We should learn that.

Five Questions the President Should Ask Before Sending In the Bombers (courtesy NY Times)

1) How is this our fight? Are we exporting democracy, toppling a leader who disagrees with us or are we just pissed off at the country because they think the (insert resource here) is theirs.

2) At what cost? The rich stay out of the military and the 99% make up the manpower pool. How much money? We need all we can to improve our system

3)Or what? What if the early bomb strikes don’t work? Are we prepared to bomb them back into the Stone Age?

4) And who else? If we pick a fight with everybody who disagrees with us we’ll be fighting all the time and all over the globe.

5) Then what? We don’t think far enough into the future. Installing the Shah in Iran led to oppression and when it became aware enough to somewhat agree we let in the Ayottolah who was worse than the devil we had, who was worse than the one he replaced.

The Keystone Pipeline: Do we need it? It’s like giving a serial DUI offender a lifetime supply of Jack and a permanant driver’s license. Plus it makes a dandy target for terrorists and home-grown nut jobs.

Happy Birthday:

3/19 1848, Wyatt Earp, gambler, pimp, murderer sheriff and all round legend; William Jennings Bryan, the Great Commoner. Wonder how he’d like the Tea Party? John Sirica, Watergate judge.

Two other birthdays Albert Speer (1905) and Adolph Eichmann (1906) they must have had some kicking parties around the Reichstag.  Hope they had a good reunion whereever they wound up.

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