We’ve got a long way to go so let’s mount up.

First, as a person who legal abortion would have had a direct effect on my existence I’ve got to say something. If my birth mother had the opportunity to recieve an abortion there’s a real good chance that I wouldn’t be here. I’m thinking she was a good Catholic and put me up for adoption and went about her life. This brings me to dualling bills in Ohio. State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleve) introduced a bill into the Ohio legislature that would require men who sought prescriptios for Cialis or Viagra should;

        a) Produce an affadavit from at least one sexual partner stating that they have Erectile Dysfunction

        b) Be referred to a state-approved sex therapist

        c) Know the complications of the prescribed drug

This was done in response to the “Heartbeat Bill”‘ which required women who sought abortions submit to a sonogram and either see it or have it described by the physician. This shores up the belief that life begins a conception. You can hear a heartbeat in the first trimester. Virginia and Texas have similar bills that have recieved support from Gov, Rick Perry, former Republican presidential candidate and Gov.McDonnell who is touted as vice-presidential fodder.

First the Democrats should know better than to bring up bills that are in my view frivolous when there are so many other things that need to be addressed; like teaching high school students responsible sexual behavior, or trying to allow those who have been shell-shocked by the economy to achieve parity with those who have seemed to survive it. The Left really likes social engineering when they have the Utopia that is part of every young Lefties dream. It ain’t going to happen.

Second, the Republicans who are in love with less government introduce bills and get them through legislatures that add to the work loads of doctors who should be healing instead of sending women on guilt trips. They’re making more government. Who’s going to monitor all those doctors to make sure that they’re complying with the law? You need a whole bunch of investigators.

Me, I think they’re both full of it. They’re men trying to legislate something that they have no experience in. The women who line up on either side should tell these guardians of womanhood to shut up and do something about the economy and leave reproductive rights to women to make descisions. Trying to guilt women into not getting abotions is just plain stupid. And trying to have men experience the draconian laws is equally wrong headed. There are too many people as it is. More won’t help because they’ll have the same problems only tenfold.

I’m a registered Independent. I used to like the Libertarians until the Right hijacked them to forward their agenda. I want the Libertarians to move toward the center and common sense. We can’t have minigovernment. We need somebody to control how the ship sails. We need responsible leaders who put the needs of the populace ahead of idealogues who want only to be in control and impose their view of Edenic exsistence on everyone. I’ll talk more about what I think about in other posts.

Now for something completely different;

Kevin Youklis should be named captain of the Sox.

If an oldies station plays Free Bird with its posturing guitar playing the station should be mandated by law to play an eleven-thirty some minute version of Not Fade Away by the Dead to balance the indulgent guitar jams.

In 1966 I was a senior in high school. One day I followed a cheerleader into a freshman english class and read the lyrics to I Am A Rock that were written on the blackboard. I dutifully read them and went into my Senior English class and discussed to great length Moby Dick, a story that should be read as a great sea yarn and ditch all the psychological nonsense. Some books are just meant to be read. This is what wanders in my mind when I can’t sleep. I pulled down some CDs to lull me to sleep, nothing too aggressive The Band, Bonnie Raitt and Simon and Garfunkel.CD was Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. I looked at a 60’s favorite with 2012 eyes. I broke the album down into four categories:

1) Mr. Alienation

    Patterns: too much lying awake at night and contemplating my life

    Poem On The Underground Wall; what’s more alienated than referring to the subway as the underground.

    7 O’Clock News/Silent Night; this should be required listening for politicians of both sides before they pronounce support for our latest inursion

    Dangling Conversation; New Yorkers who take their image a isolated way too seriously

    Homeward Bound: I’m on the road alone. I’m an artist, I’ve got   needs.

    Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall; I’ve got principles

Love Songs:

    Scarborough Fair/Canticle; two for one both songs are really good but I’d like to hear Canticle

    For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her; my favoorite and probably Simon’s best


     Cloudy; what I write about when I write about what I think about

     The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine; consumerism is real bad but I need it

     59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy); sure, I smoke a bit, I’m an artist

I’m Relevant:

     A Simple Desultory Phillipic (Or How I Was Robert McNamared Into Submission); this is everything that makes a difference in my life as hip as it is.

Bonus Category or How I’ll Sound When the Other Guy’s Gone (Acoustic)


       A Poem on the Underground Wall


Times today reported that the GI who “snapped” under stress. They should take the word “snapped” out of quotes. What happens is that when a person is bombarded with negative stimuli; getting shot at, being in a place where there’s no chance of victory, the veneer of civility is stripped away and training kicks in. We train or soldiers to kill. We do a good job. We’re surprised when the soldier is home after three or more tours, without a job drinks a lot or exhibits antisocial behavior. You need to detrain them when you’re done with ordering them to go against the human instinct to live and let live. In another note today 3/16 is the anniversary of the My Lai Massacre. When being shot at and living in a place that you’re not welcome strips the humanity away and the training kicks in.