A father in Florida made his son wear a sign that announced that he had flunked three subjects at school. I saw this on the news and later on-line. I’m torn about this. On one side I feel for the kid. As a rule not being one who believes that punishment will permanently scar a kid. I know about being humiliated in public. My dad had a fondness for a few drinks after work and thought he could function after cocktail hour. I remember him going to a PTA conference impaired. I was doing lousy in school. When my father heard this he walked the halls telling anyone who’d listen his son was stupid and wouldn’t amount to anything. I heard this from friends whose parents brought them along for the meetings. Did it scar me? Not too much. I just resigned myself to thinking that they weren’t teaching me things that I wanted to learn. Now the father, I know he believes that what he did was for his son’s own good. In a way, I agree. Sometimes you have to tear down a kids self image and then help him build it back up. The father wants his son to amount to something. In today’s society you can’t skate by. There are too many applicants for too few slots. I turned out okay. I made a lot of wrong turns along the way. I think I’ve recovered and done pretty well. There’s always room for improvement and I keep trying.

This week a 340 ton rock was hauled for eleven days through California to its final resting place at the LA County Museum of Art. It’s called “Levitated Mass”. With a name like that you would think it would, you know, float to ots new home and save the fuel. People flocked to see the rock en route. I don’t understand it. There were plenty of big rocks when I was a kid. None of them weighed 340 tons, but some were pretty big. There was a rock that jutted up behind my high school. It wasn’t museum worthy but every class that graduated from Pulaski Senior High painted their graduation year on the rock. It was a totem. There are those who’ll view painting a rock as a desecration of nature, ease off. It was a rock. If they’re behind a high school or somewhere in California, they’re just rocks.

On this day in history: Eliot Spitzer resigns as New York governor after reports that he frequented prostitutes. I am going to sound like a chauvanist here but I’d rather my governor has sex even if he has to pay for it. Yes, he was married and was a total douche about keeping his marriage vows. I want human beings in office, not gods. We dropped a brick when it was discovered that Jefferson had sex with Sally Hemmings. It was a bad idea doing it with a slave, especially Jefferson. But we have to look at it in context. Our Founding Fathers were human and lived in times different than our own. It wasn’t right in our eyes, but we aren’t wearing their glasses.

Big news, Kennedy installed a taping system in the Oval Office. Who got caught? His former BFF Dick Nixon! Jack Kennedy is an idol with the liberals, but I doubt he’d invite them over for drinks. He thought liberals were soft. And Nixon, he did more for civil rights than most of the men who preceded him except for Lyndon Johnson, a Texan. Nixon wasn’t as evil as we’d like him and Kennedy wasn’t the saint that we’d like him to be.

Happy Birthday:

Adolf S Ochs, founded the New York Times, a refernce source that showed you were able to plow through literate reporting to impress a teacher; Clement Studebaker, my dad owned a Lark; Jack Kerouac, beat poet and novelist, generational icon and author of one of the best love stories I ever read “Maggie Cassidy” find it, read it.