Dentist update: No swelling, pain minimal bleeding stopped. Diet rice flavored with various herbs and spices. Protien shakes, avoid until I can work out stomach problems.

Today in history: George Burns, comedian, husband of possibly the funniest woman who ever lived, the face of God for a generation and friend of Jack Benny died on this date at age 100. He smoked cigars, enjoyed the company of younger women, and worked right up until the end. He was a straight man who learned early that his wife was funnier than he was. He just set up the joke and let Gracie take over. He made a good living keeping his mouth shut.

The Monitor and the Virginia fought a five hour battle to a draw. Note to Mitt, Rick and Newt: If you spend a lot of time fighting an enemy who is as strongly or weakly armed as yourself, you’ll walk away with a tie. Tie is another word for losing. The Republican candidates spend lots of time taking swings at each other and not scoring a knockout. They fight to a draw. This amuses the bystanders (the Democrats) immensely. Guys try staying on point for a minute, we all know that each of you thinks that you can do a better job than the present job holder. Tell us what you would do in the real world not the bubble the Right has contructed. Every candidate for President since John Adams made promises that he new in his heart he couldn’t keep if he got the job. Stop spreading the bullcrap  that panders to a group that can’t deliver. Most of the country are middle-class middle of the road people. Fiery rhetoric fires the people up but deep down they know you ain’t gonna be able to deliver the pie-in-the-sky you’ve promised, not as long as there’s another party. Wise up. Tell the truth. Don’t let your battleship mouth overload your rowboat butt. Barack take note.

Happy Birthday:

3/6 Ring Lardner, short story writer and member of the Prohibition-era writers in the days when newspapers carried weight and columnists were read by the people.

3/7 Maurice Ravel, composer and reason men who were youth and saw 10 get uncomfortable when they hear Bolero.

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