First I’d like to talk about my morning. Getting up and eating breakfast are boring and driving to the VA Hospital was normal. I went to the dentist. I’ve had an infection in my jaw that has caused me pain and the loss of four teeth. I got there early and had my mind in the right place. I got called in and went through the usual getting comfortable in the chair, checking out the room and settling in. The Dental Assistant got me situated and asked the question of the morning; Did I take my aspirin this morning? No, I hadn’t, not for a week. The Dentist made her appearance, the lovely Dr. Raghavendra.She asked questions and asked for personel information, to make sure I was the right patient. They don’t want you sending anyone else to get your dental work. The novocaine began. Three shots to start. She went to work. One tooth came out and she began on the one I’d tabbed as a trouble maker. Are you in pain? I’m climbing out of the seat and my body is clenched. More Novocaine. I might feel some pressure. Okay. Another body clench, another shot. The doctor explains that the infection impedes the Novocaine and I might need more. She changes tools. Another set of pliers, number six , I think.  The assistant is holding my lower jaw up. Finally the little bugger comes out. The bad news, taking time on one side allows the shot administered on the other side a chance to  wear off a bit. The dentist starts on the other side. I’d curl into the fetal position if I could. More shots. Another wince brings another needle out.  In my mind a voice is telling me “Don’t be such a wuss, tough it out.” The dentist is morphing into Lawrence Olivier in Marathon Man. The rational brain kicks in. Up till now it’s been thinking about how nice a steak dinner would taste. I’ve never liked him. “Get another shot.” Okay. The dentist gives me one more and squirts some into the tooth. She goes back to work. The tooth vacates. The dentist is getting ready for the next patient. The assistant is folding a gauze pad and puts it in my mouth. “Bite down.” I do. I sit there listening to the do’s  and don’ts of tooth extraction recovery. The assistant will call me before she goes home to check on me. (She hasn’t) I’m perscribed Ibuprofen, Amoxicillin and Vicodin. The first two sound okay the Vike is iffy. It’s 4:25, the shots have worn off and I’ve stopped putting gauze in my mouth. I’ll live. Got to go back in two weeks for more work. The whole process should be over in May or June. I deserve it. Dental vigilance is the core to good health.

Now, onto fried chicken. First a word about buttermilk. The buttermilk found in your local dairy case is whole milk with a culture added. Real buttermilk can be found in the baking aisle. It’s freeze dried or something. I got it because I was jonesin’ for buttermilk pancakes. If you use dairy section buttermilk you might want to thin it a bit. Now on to the recipe.

What you need:

2Lbs chicken, your favorite kind bone-in, boneless.

2C Buttermilk

1 C Cornstarch

2T Poultry seasoning

1T Salt

1T Pepper

1 Egg

At this point if you want to change the herbs and spices do it.


Combine buttermilk and beaten egg in plastic bag.

Add chicken let sit in refrigerator for 30 min.

Combine herbs and spices with cornstarch.

Dredge chicken in cornstarch mix, put on rack to rest. I know it’ll get gooey. wait.

Preheat oil in your favorite frying device, mine is a cast iron skillet. Oil should be 375 degrees or a smallpiece of bread floats and bubbles.

Check cornstarch mix if it’s low add more cornstarch and herbs and spices.

Take chicken pieces off rack and dredge in cornstarch mix.

Lower carefully into oil. Fry until done or 180 degrees internal temp.

Fry in small batches and allow oil to recover between batches.

I gotta go. Jaw hurts. Need to lie down and watch Most Daring on TruTV.