Was going to post about Rush Limbaugh on Friday but an obscenity filled screed isn’t my style. So I begin (in good humor). Rush Limbaugh is an opiniated, bloated, moss-back reactionary who is followed by sheep who need facts predigested for them. Calling grad student Fluke a “roundheel”, “prostitute” or “slut” is his way of being humorous. So calling him a mysoginistic pig who probably paid for sex until he bullied some woman into marrying him after a series of misses is my way of making a little joke (something women called him). All Republicans should be heading for the exits and leaving Rush to preach to empty seats. There’s a few Republicans who applaud Rush but don’t have the cojones to admit it publically. They are the same ones who believe in welfare Cadillacs and lazy illegal Mexicans or the fact that they ran the show once and they know best. If Mittens and the Newtster think you’ve done bad, you really stepped in it. Don’t worry. just wait a while and Rush will put that gold dildo he calls microphone in his mouth and makes an ass out of himself. Of course I’m just joking.

According to the NYT, Rick Santorum has moved from nominal Catholic to clarion voice. He’s lost a bunch of nominal Catholics who believe in birth control and view abortion as a personal choice. Yep, not all Catholics believe that Rome is living in the 21th century. Maybe the 15th. The days of Father Coughlin are long gone and church goers have learned to think for themselves. They’re still male dominated. One question, all those Catholic men who got vasectomies to allow their wives not to practice birth control, are they going to Hell? Having sex without procreation in mind is still a quick ticket to the fiery lake.

In Russia Putin won. Big surprise!!!! Now will he reinstate the KGB back to its former glory and reopen the gulags. “We have gained a clear victory. We won! Glory to Russia.” Stalin is planning a comeback. The old Catholics will have two fronts to fight on. God loves a good battle. And nobody wants to  bury russia more than the “good” Catholics. Here that Rick and Newt?

Going to post recipes on Wednesday. Gotta put that education to work.