I love my cat. There’ I’ve said it. She’s a good companion, not much for conversation, but the quiet times are the best. Before I go any further, let’s understand one thing. I’m not IN LOVE with her. We might as well be married. She sleeps with me, when she’s not at work (lurking around, looking for errant mice).  We’re like a married couple. She’s affectionate and expects affection in return. She doesn’t complain about the food I give her. She tells me when she’s not happy and expects me to change the situation. She crowds the couch when I want to watch Jeopardy. We coexist in a limited space. She expects me to take her side in battles with her enemy, my brother-in law’s cat (she hates me, too). I know, some of you, regular to Church and who talk to God often, think this is just abominable. Right. You talk to that peke you stash in your purse when you travel and talk to that hound that’s been around forever. You might as well be married. Our pets are a surrogate for all the human love we think we need. It would be simpler. Admit to the fact that we seek love from another species. To the religiously inclined, God will understand. He loves us and we’re not the same species as He is. Admit that you’ve been seeking affection and someone who listens without judging outside whatever relationship you’re in. Lots of people get married when they’re not “in love” because they see the spiritual soulmate that completes them in their significant other. If we face the fact, most people marry because they’re lonely and don’t want to die alone. They fall in love after the ceremony. They become attached to the other person and figure that it’s better than being alone. Right now, don’t confuse sex with love. Sex can be a temporary shelter from loneliness but it becomes routine after a while no matter what books or DVDs you buy. We need someone to be there when we do sometrhing stupid who won’t judge us. We need someone to look at us as the be-all and end-all of their life. Pets do that. A human companion has the tendency to sometime laugh out loud when we get stuck in the shower (don’t ask). A pet will quietly wait for us to unstick the shower door with a bar of soap and gentle force. Our pets watch the news with us and don’t make rude remarks about that candidate for alderman we think is just the person for the job. Dog owners know that their best buddy shows up when they’re cooking a burger for supper. It’s not that Fido is hungry, he is just amazed that your food doesn’t come out of a can or twenty five pound sack. If Kitty climbs on you when you’re trying to fall asleep, she’s curious what you’re doing sleeping during prime mousing time. Be nice to your pets. They’re going to be there when all the humans in your life desert you (except that self-righteous dog that leaves his master when he burns down the orphanage). Husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others come and go pets are forever.

T.J. Lane the Chardon Shooter has been noted in thr NYT that he didn’t attend Chardon High School. That is not a reason to shoot people. He attended a school for at-risk youth. Ya think that might of been a clue. His acquaintances say he wanted the world to bow at his feet. Now and then we all want that. Lonely kids find solace in an imaginary world when the real world shuts them out. We’ve all got a little T.J. Lane inside. We just do a better job of covering him up.

Happy Birthday:

3/1 William Maxwell Gaines, a man who influenced generations, published intellectual monthly Mad Magazine; Pete Rozelle, NFL commisioner and Anti-Christ to Al Davis; Glen Miller, band leader who forgot that bombers are big aircraft and not a real good thing to ride in during WWII.

3/2 Theodor Seuss Geisel, poet, author whose characters are featured in major motion pictures; Sam Houston, The inspiration for Sam I Am?; Kurt Weill, composer who introduced us to Mack the Knife, why hasn’t someone remade that flick?