By now everybody’s heard about the shooting at Chardon High School. Why the hell are kids bringing guns to school? We’ve all had problems going through the educational system, some fought, others coped. If anyone in my high school class brought a gun to class, after all intertested parties had seen it, the principal would know about it. As for shooting classmates, sure, we had hard feelings against some members of our class, but killing them was out of the question. It’s not that we were a bunch of wusses, there wasn’t the mind-set that had killing as an option. I wasn’t one of the in crowd, wasn’t a jock or a top student. I was just an ordinary kid trying to make it to the next level. I’m amazed if someone I went to school with remembers me. The shooter must’ve been truly bummed about the way his life was going because he chose his victims at random. That’s fucked up. We’ve got to keep the guns we’ve got locked up and put a rein on shopping sprees at gun shows. We have the right to bear arms. We don’t have the right to put others in danger by allowing our weapons to be available to anyone close to us. The shooter had a lousy home life but so did a lot of other people. They coped.

Baseball news: Jason Varitek is retiring from the Red Sox. They’re gonna miss him. Some of the Yankee photos, for the yearbook I suppose, were taken in the men’s room. Some egos need the echo chamber effect. The Mets are still building.

Kid  Rock was palling around with homeboy Mittens Romney. Wonder if they shared a bottle of Red Stag the liquor the Kid is pimping. Rock and roll Republicans, who’da thunk it?

I’m thinking of putting my education to work. I’m thinking of posting recipes that I’ve used. Times being tough a lot of us scaled back on the boneless chicken breasts and started buying whole chickens to cut up. I’ll point you to places where you can find sites that feature breaking down a chicken.  I know lots of you don’t have time to watch the Food Network 24/7. I don’t either, but I can be of some help.

One more food thing, find a food bank near you and help them out. Saving change from supermarket trips is a good start. When the jar is full, buy gift cards from the supermarket and send them to the food bank.

Happy Birthday:

2/28 Linus Pauling, scientist pioneer and proponent of Vitamin C; Sir John Tenniel, illustrator of two of my favorite books, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass; Ben Hecht, newspaperman, scriptwriter co-author of Front Page; Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, businessman, Hollywood icon; Zero Mostel, actor, if you do one thing in your life get your hands on a copy (probably VCS) of Rhinosarous.

2/29 Jimmy Dorsey, band leader and one-time half of a brother act; herman Hollerith, computer pioneer, they probably don’t study about him anymore; John Phillip Holland, father of the modern submarine and patron saint of Groton CT.

On this day the first Playboy Club opened in Chicago. A dream destiation point for all growing boys when I was a lad.

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