Academy Awards are over and Gary Oldman didn’t win. I’m pissed. The man is a chameleon. He’s the best George Smiley since Alec Guiness. Can’t get enough vitriol up for a show that has rich people congratulating each other.

I’ve got a problem with my weight. Why does TV extol gluttony with ads about monster sandwiches. Sure, Subway touts their healthy menu, but a meatball sub will weigh you done enough so all you do is watch the box and crave more food. Is it just me, but when there is a marked increase in people who are disadvantaged the ads for overpriced items increases. A ton of kids go to bed hungry every night after watching Arby’s ads for Rueben Sandwiches on TV at the shelter. And those are the lucky ones. I’ve got a safety net, so I can avoid the traps set by the TV ads and keep my diet reasonable. There are times I overeat. I used to just shrug that bloated feeling off. Now it bothers me greatly and drives me to dietary repentence. Look, if you want to do something, save your grocery change and buy gift cards from your local supermarket and send them to your local food bank. It’ll give a family a chance to shop and give a boost in morale. Another thing, lobby your local supermarket to issue coupons for produce. Give people a chance to get away from cheap mac and cheese. Do it for yourself and others.

I was wrong. If the state of Connecticut repeals the death penalty it won’t be retroactive. If the jury said yo’re gonna die, you’re gonna die. The State spent 2M to defend Stephen Hayes and his buddy. They paid for specialists and lawyers. You got to hand to the US justice system, they’re going to give you the best defense you can get. Though I’ve yet to hear of one person who had the state pay for their defense get acquitted. Just sayin’.

I’ve been seeing ads for payday loans from what seems to be Native American companies. Are they charging low interest rates? Or are they going a couple points below the local loan shark? I don’t know. If they’re doing this as a public service, good for them. If this is a business thing, okay. If this is a way to get back for being shafted since the first European stepped on the continent, uh, I don’t know.

Today is Polar Bear Day. Go to .

Happy Birthday:

2/26 John Harvey Kellogg, ran a santorium before they got a bad name, one of his employees invented corn flakes; Rudolph Dirks, created the Katzenjammer Kids, a throwback to colonial days with funny German accents; Grover Cleveland Alexander, ballplayer and a role for Ronny Reagan.

2/27 Hugo Black, Supreme Court Justice, exponent of civil rights; John Steinbeck, American author and one the nuns didn’t want me to read, I did; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet and bane of every young boy who has to learn about the battle at Lexington; Peter De Vries, author and a find of mine in the library, adult humor at an early age; Irwin Shaw, author, never read him. 2/27 was a good day for writers.

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