Where to start? Tampa Bay Rays issued a Don Zimmer bobblehead doll. It’s about time. The man knows baseball and Sox fans treated him badly.

Barney Rosset died at age 89. He headed Grove Press. They published some of the finest Victorian “spanking porn” and works by Samuel Becket, Celine and William Burroughs. There was a time “My Secret Life” took up a lot of my reading time. When he ran Evergreen Review some right-wing Cubans tossed a hand grenade through his window.

A 27 pound lobster was caught off Maines’s coast. They’re going to turn it loose. To watch go to: http://www.yahoo.com/portlandme-18230145/lobstercaughtoff The sucker is a monster.

In 1836 the Alamo mission was under siege from Feb 23 to Mar 6. We all know what happened. Or do we? Walt Disney and John Wayne tried to make it a last stand of brave Americans fighting evil Mexico. They were in Mexican territory and were revolting against rightful authority. We like to think that it was a noble battle. It was 180 men fighting to expand US territory, I don’t think that was a main thought in their minds. They were too busy dodging bullets and trying to think of where all those Mexicans came from. Check out The Alamo with Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Quaid. It’s closest to the truth.

Fuller Brush filed for bankruptcy. For those of you who don’t remember the Fuller Brush Man was an icon of the fifties, going door to door selling his wares. I remember a Fuller Brush factory in Hartford CT. Gone are the days of people going door to door selling things that were necessities to the home. Today it’s people asking if you’ve accepted Jesus.

Bill Maher donated a million to the Obama campaign. He made the point that even if the Republicans have a ship of fools trying for the job, this is still America. Anything can happen. We got Millard Fillmore and Richard Nixon. President Newt Gingrich kinda rolls off your tongue. Just remember if the Republicans get in the line between Church and State will blur, no matter what they say.

Got a response from a course I’m taking. the instructor said I should look into e-publishing because I told her in my letter that I wanted to be a pulp writer. I want to go back to the days when stories took the reader into places that had truly evil villians and the hero wasn’t always a knight in shining armor. I like the genre. Hammit and Chandler were early faves of mine.

Happy Birthday:

2/23 WEB DuBois, cofounder of the NAACP; William Shirer, author of the first really big book I read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”; Cesar Ritz, hotel magnate and man who had a cracker named after him.

2/24 Chester Nimitz, commander of the Pacific fleet in WWII; Winslow Homer, American painter; Honus Wagner, baseball player, they don’t name too many boys Honus these days.