Connecticut news: The legislature is going to try again to abolish the death penalty. The Gov says he’ll sign it if it reaches his desk. This is a hell of a thing to do when we finally get the poster childern for the death penalty on death row. (See Words and Numbers 12) They staged a home invasionand killed a mother and two kids,beatthe crap out of the father but he managed to escape and call for hele. To top off their achievment the tried to burn the house down with the women inside still alive.

Baseball gripes: The trade for Theo Epstein is complete, the Sox got Chris Carpenter a relief pitcher. The Mets got the kiss of death from Kevin Nathan on WVIT. He said they’re building for the future. In English it means “We’ll stink on ice, suck it up.”

Feb. 21 Three real important to me;

1878; The first telephone book is distibuted in New Haven CT. The phone book has progressed to the point that you can’t find what you’re looking for and have to call 411.

1925; The New Yorker was founded. That magazine showed me what good writing is and had cartoons that made me think.

1947; Edward Land demonstrated the Polaroid camera. I got one (cheap model) for Christmas and I learned it’s not a real good idea to bring one along when you’re going on a walk in the woods with your girl. (I took it to take nature pix, honest.)

Oct. 29, Donora PA, A cloud of smog descends on the Halloween parade. It hangs on for weeks and kills about a hundred people. Grim stuff. What jumped into my brain was a question: Where was I? Was I still in the orphanage or was I sleeping in a crib at 36 Horace St? There’s nobody left to answer the question.

Happy Birthday 2/21

Andres Segovia, took guitar lesson because a neighbor did and wanted to start a band, never learned but sometimes I think about picking it up again; Anias Nin, diarist and who’d of though a woman could write classy erotica; Tom Yawkey, they named a street after him in Boston, oh yeah, he owned the Sox.

Happy Birthday 2/22:

George Washington, general, first president and one of two reasons we got a day off from school;Rembrandt Peale, with a first name like that no wonder he turned out to be a painter.

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