There is a practice in Afghanastan called “baad”. It is the forcible kidnaping of young girls in repayment for misdeeds of their elders. The UN is against it. Which is like me being against the Taliban. I sounds good but there’s nothing I can do about it. I know, we should respect the Afghani culture, but we’ve got to drag that place into the 21st century. Or leave them alone and let them collapse under the weight of social injustice. Like that’s gonna happen. Just because a civilization holds out-dated and evil mores doesn’t mean that civilization karma won’t catch up with them.

The guy having a coronary at the Heart Attack Grill is catching on. Check Piper Bayard’s post today.

Happy Birtday: 2/16, Edgar Bergen, noted manipulator of wooden people and father of the beautiful Candice; Henry Adams, breakfast at his house must’ve been a gas;  Herman Trench,polymorph and creator of the theory of irreletivity.

2/17: Thomas J. Watson Sr., we’ve got the same initials and I know him from when they tried to teach me to program computers; Red Barber, a voice of baseball; H.L. Hunt, money don’t beat the Reaper.`

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