The Prez has been chatting with the VP of China. It’s a lot like inviting the guy you owe 10 large to dinner. Oh yeah, we do. When it come to finance the US is acting like a accountant with a bad gambling habit who lives next door to Vinnie the Mook. You know the guy. He’s always ready to let you have a hundred or so until payday.

A guy had a heart attack in the Heart Attack Grill in Vegas. Okay, what didn’t he understand? Quadruple Bypass Burger? Waitstaff dressed as nurses? A sign that says “Anyone over 350lbs eats free”? In a country that has kids going to school without breakfast and lunch money we’ve got a place that is a pantheon to gluttony. The owner says tourists were taking camera pics of the guy. He says they acted with decorum. How about a piece of the profits to a food bank?

On this day in 1898 the USS Maine blew up in Havannah harbor. Evidence shows it was an accident but Hearst didn’t care and pulled us into war with Spain. We won, got the Phillipines and Cuba. Shoulda kept Cuba.

Speaking of gluttony I got a cookbook to go with my favborite kitchen tool, my cast iron skillet. Everybody should have one. You can start something on top of the stove and finish it in the oven.

Save your change, buy a gift card from your local supermarket and send it to your local food bank.

Happy Birthday:

2/14 Jack Benny, a master of timing; Woody Hayes great football coach, bad people person.

2/15 Galileo Galilei, master of the spirit and insiration for a song by the Indigo Girls; Susan B. Anthony, sufragette and failed coin icon; John Barrymore, a role model for a lot of young stars.

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