I visited the dentist today. I’m suffering from reverse teething. A molar is working its way back into the gum. Abesol and Ibuprofen are only so good. The bad news is I’m scheduled for major dental surgery in June. It’s a while, but this is the VA. I can be brave until then. That is unless I wuss out and beg for relief. That might happen. I know I should have gone to a private dentist, but the last extraction took up a paycheck and a half. That was twenty years ago.

President Obama modified his insurance plan. Catholic organizations don’t have to pay for birth control. The NYT said he was appeasing the Catholics on the left. If you look back Catholicism started out on the left. Christ would have a hard time getting the hierarchy to listen to Him now. The visable move to the right came about 1917 when the tsar was overthrown and Marxist theory became a reality. After WWII the swing could’ve caused whiplash. The Vatican helped some Nazis after their surrender to escape. Why? They fought Communists. I felt it. In eighth grade I was a bit to the right of Attilla the Hun. Thank God for public libraries. I got a dose of intellectual freedom. Don’t get me started on the Protestant Reformation, we were taught it was the Protestant Revolt. Back to the Church and the Left. The USSR collapsed under the weight of its bloated structure and you could hear the cheering in Rome. John Paul II could’ve been a true people’s hero if he acknowledged that the rich have a responsibility to the poor that goes beyond mailing a check to whatever charity they support. Christian revolution is a hands-on operation.

Happy Birthday:

2/11 Thomas Edison, invented the lightbulb, phongraph and crushed competition; Max Baer, boxer and father of Max Baer Jr, who epitomized the noun Jethro; Eva Gabor, the prototype for Paris Hilton et.al.

2/12 Abraham Lincoln, Emancipator who lost his birthday to government effeciency; Omar Bradley, first Chief of Staff WWII hero; Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, first major crime figure to take a seat in the electric chair.

2/13 William Shockley. co-invented transistors, espoused racism; Grant Wood, probably painted a bunch of good paintings but is remembered for one; Zbignew Koloffsky, proposed the theory of Male Regression i.e. Men tend to revert to children the longer they stay married.

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