If a woman was told how to dress, whom she could be seen in  public with and generally had her life dictated by religious leaders you’d think I was talking about some third world country or Middle East theocracy. Nope, happened here. Right in the U.S. Deborah Feldman was a member of a Hassidic comunity. Her life was dictated by the beliefs of the branch of Judaism that she belonged to. I can hear people saying “If you are a member of a religion  you should follow their beliefs.” No, this is about the seperation of church and state. The Constitution states that there won’t be a state sanctioned religion. What it does is allow oppression of individuals and makes sinners out of members. Ms. Feldman escaped. What about Catholic women who practice birth control despite the Church’s opposition to it. As a lapsed Catholic I found that the Church made rules that made no sense. Like not eating meat on Friday. It’s gone now but what were we supposed to be reminded of? Birth control is a right of every member of society. We’re past the days when we needed the warm bodies to pad our ranks in case a member of the dreaded Protestant religion take away the rights of Catholics. We have too many people as it is. A family of six or seven would be near impoosible to handle. We can’t have kids quit school to go out and work to support the family and the strain it takes on the mother is enormous. I wondered why women I say in church on Sunday looked beat, it was because they spent the prior six days chasing the brood and keeping them fed and clothed. In the case of the Hassiadic Jews it is a backlash to the Holacaust. It was an unspeakble, incomprehensible era but the last thing we need right now is more people.

The Texas cheerleader spoke out about the plan her mom hatched to get her a spot on the cheerleading squad, murder the mother of a rival. She said she didn’t want to be a cheerleader, mom wanted her to be on the squad. Bet her kids will grow up and follow their own ways. Mom, by the way, served 10 months of a ten year sentence.

On this day in History: France ceded Canada to England. They lost the French and Indian War. How did the British get Canada when they’re not mentioned in the war? They backed the Indians. Imagine a Gallic Canada. From Atlantic to Pacific, nothing but boutiques, brassieries and sidewalk cafes.

On this  day in History: We swapped Francis Gary Powers for Rudolph Abel. In the spy biz like swapping Derek Jeter for a player to be named later.

Happy Birthday:

09/02 Bill Veeck, baseball owner and innovator a fresh breeze in a world of corporate ownership; Brendan Behan, drinking and literature do go together; Dean Rusk, helped a lot of young men into heaven by sending the to Southeast Asia.

10/02 Jimmy Durante, early television star and vaudville star; Bertold Brecht, wrote what my father called the “bwoop, bwoop” song. It was Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin, heard the song in the movie Threepenny Opera, it was different; Claudius Froom, invented the first TV remote, ripped off broom handle and added vise grips, not a sucess.

An idea, save that pesky change that you get at the supermarket, toss it in a jar. When the jar is full buy a gift card from the supermarket and mail it to your local food bank. The economy sucks, but if you can go shopping, you’re a step up from those who can’t.

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