I’ve been trying to find something to start the blog out but nothing caught my eye. I’m not a doomsayer nor do I see an apocalypse coming any time soon. I’m just amazed that we come so close and then common sense catches on and we move on to the next crisis. I do know one thing we’re back at the Mutually Assured Destruction Age. When there were two superpowers, USA and USSR we knew we could bomb the crap out of each other and turn the planet into a cinder. Now we’ve got countries who don’t give a damn because they believe they’re fullfilling a God-mandated prophesy. They start tossing nukes at each other and before you know it everybody is in the game and nobody wins.

Going to try fried chicken tonight for supper. Got the cast iron skillet ready and the coating process set. The only thing is, I spent fifteen years working in kitchens and for a long time all I did was cook something and hand the saute pans and utensils off to a dishwasher. I made sure they were fed well and didn’t abuse them. I felt bad when they were maltreated. I was doing breakfast in a hotel one Sunday when the dishwasher came in late. He walked about six miles to get to the job. While we waited for him the waitstaff piled dishes onto the table until they began to pile them on tea carts that were stored nearby. By the time he came in we were in danger of running out of dishes. I stopped breakfast to give him a hand. I did it because nobody else would and I liked the guy. He was working at a lousy job without complaint and people thought that he got what he deserved for coming in late.

Happy Birthday:

2/7 Fredrick Douglass; spokesman for a generarion of enslaved people; Charles Dickens; revealed the underbelly of Victorian England; Eubie Blake, one of a kind, he was on the Tonight Show enough for people to appreciate him; Sinclair Lewis, An author I tripped over and really dug.

2/8 William Tecunseh Sherman, still reviled in parts of the South, brought to bear a new kind of warfare;James Dean, Live Fast, Die Young, Become an Idol; Lana Turner, a star when it meant something; Jules Verne, early sci-fi, made a mint for Roger Corman.

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