It’s Superbowl Sunday and I’m watching the game. To tell it true I’ve got no real rooting interest in this game because I like both teams. I know you think this is the coward’s way out but it happens during baseball season I like the Mets and Red Sox. I couldn’t bet on this game but there’s a way the team I’m watching at the moment could win and still cover the spread. I don’t bet. I don’t have the disposition for it. Right now the Giants are ahead and I could live with that. If New England scores a TD and wins I  might be slightly pissed. I’ve liked the Giants longer than the Pats.

22 children under the age of 5 froze to death in refugee camps in Afghanistan. 1 out of 7 children in these camps will not survive until their sixth birthday. We owe props to all the men and women who have been killed or injured in that war. But these kids didn’t ask to be in the middle of that shitstorm. How are we as a people going to live with the fact that we’ve let something like that happen? And what’s really galling is that it happens here too.

Giants win 21 to 17.

Happy Birthday:

2/4 Charles Lindburgh, great aviator misguided patriot; Rosa Parks, civil rights icon and role model. Two still alive Alice Cooper and Dan Quayle two Republicans although one is a lot more aware than the other.

2/5 Adlai Stevenson; probably would have made a good president, we’ll never know; Belle Starr female money manager and group leader; William S. Burroughs author, and person of intertest.

The usual suspects:

PS: Watched AbFab marethon on BBC America. The nineties weren’t that weird.