Read an article in NYT about the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. The crime on this reservation is sky high. The average life expectancy is 49 yrs. It has an 80% unemployment rate. Twice the national average in suicides of teens and young adults. The water supply is being polluted by fracking or hydraulic fracturing. These are the descendants of the people who met the whites when the came here. We’ve tried to civilize the Native American. Make him like us. Stop him from living in harmony with nature and roaming a continent that could satisfy any need a human could want. We did it. Now he’s just like us. Alcoholism is rampant along with drug abuse. We’ve done a good job. Now we’re trying to fix the problem. We ain’t doing enough. We should do everything we can to restore the humanity of these people. They are not our children. They are a part of the land. As we’ve moved West we’ve pretty much raped the land. Yeah, manifest destiny sounds great but what about the people who were already here. We owe them. They took us in when we were getting beaten in whatever country we came from. It sounds New Agey but we’ve got to give them hope. They don’t need charity they need the respect due them. The solution is not teaching them to be like straight White citizens but to reintroduce them to their herutage. Some still hold onto it. We should encourage them. It’s the least we can do.

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