Spent part of the morning in the V.A. hospital. Had to get blood work done. Usually it’s pretty crowded and people talk with strangers. This is a prime place for eavesdropping. You can pick up story ideas from your fellow patients. Today nada. The place was deserted. When I got in they didn’t have me in the computer. So my doc had to give them what she wanted. Usually I’d go back, take another number and wait. Today when I got the paperwork, I hovered by the entrance and one of the techs  called me in. Got drawn and was on my way in ten minutes. The whole thing took thirty minutes. Nice time but no stories. I call it a wash.

The artist Cristo wants to drape six miles of the Arkansas River in Colorado with cloth. This is egomania at its worst. This guy wants to improve on what God made. Drape cloth over Detroit or Chicago. Leave the natural beauty alone.

Mitt Romney can’t seem to talk without putting his foot in his mouth. He doesn’t care about the very poor, they have a safety net. Right. They need jobs and a way up. He doesn’t worry about the very rich, they have the middle class to make sure they keep their money. The Newtster is swinging at anything that sounds like a comment about his campaign promises or the fact that he’s tried marriage three times.

Happy Birthday:

James Joyce, wordmaster and the reason I got tossed from a Lit class at CCSU; George S. Halas, the original Papa Bear; Ayn Rand, greed is good and trying to convince a Philo class she wasn’t the devil got me a B, James Dickey, who made shooting the rapids a little more scary.

Students are trying to smuggle cinnamon into schools for the Cinnamon Challenge. Try to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon. Watch your friends choke and retch.

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