Not much to write about. I’m fighting a sense of ennui and losing. I know I should work on the project but a little voice in my head is telling me to give the story a break and let it stew. It’ll be better the next day. That works for spahetti sauce and chili, but not for stories. The ideas have to be fresh. If they stay inside too long they fall victim to editing and tinkering that will ruin the next drafts. Right now you’ve got to get the story on paper. Move the plot along, mess with your hero. Do something.

TV commercials are about to drive me round the bend. Everything works, cleans, tastes great and improves your sex life.

Happy Birthday: Langston Hughes, a voice for a generation; John Ford,  Ride ’em cowboy; Clark Gable, our mother’s secret crush; SJ Perelman, word master.