Talk about synchronicity. I’m reading Jenny Hansen’s blog about pregnancy and Joe Koy comes on the tube discussing the male view of pregnancy. Watching the woman you love give birth will crumble most men. There’s a few who think it’s no big deal but most men wouldn’t be able to do it.

Am working the story. My main character has been described as the “dumbest human”. I made him that way. Gives me a lot of room for growth. Let’s face it, we’re not all that swift when we start out. My boy is in his mid-twenties and working in Hollywood. He knows stuff, but generally he’s a putz. I’m gonna grow him up good. I know, how can anyone stay naive in Hollywood? It can be done.

Happy Birthday to: Jose Marti, Cuban revolutionary (when they kicked Spain out); William Seward Burroughs, father of beat author; Jackson Pollock, (mothers appreciate the spatters the tyke makes on the floor).

Star Wars Chapter 1 in 3-D. Do we need it? Talk among yourselves.

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