Joshua Komsarjeysk got formally sentenced to death today. He’ll join his partner Steven Hayes on Connecticut’s  Death Row. He’s going because he sexually assaulted an 11 year old girl and tied her to her bed. He doused her with gasoline. He and his partner killed the girl’s mother and older sister. They beat their father with a baseball bat. They set fire to the house and took off in the family car. All this after he put his 9 year old daughter to sleep. His attorneys blamed a miserable childhood and strict Christian upbringing. He tried to stay off Death Row using his childhood as a mitigating factor. Now he’ll spend another twenty five or so years appealing his sentence. With any amount of bad luck he’ll die of natural causes.

In Thailand they’re poaching elephants. No big news. Now they want the meat. A trunk is used in an elephant sashimi and the penis, that goes for $950, is used as a male enhancement. There are only 7,000 elephants in Thailand, 3,000 of them wild. Thailand was supposed to revere elephants. Jesus Christ don’t the people who run the country know that they’re going extinct. Humans are supposed to have dominion over the animals. We haven’t done a great job. We’re supposed to take care of them by preserving their habitat and not going nuts a slaughtering them when some crackpot comes up with a novel use for them. We don’t even do a good job of taking care of ourselves. We’ve got slavery of all  kinds running loose. They’re selling kids and adults trying to get away from a lousy life.

Back to the Italian Posiedon Adventure. Costa Crociari SpA, the company that owns the future reef in the Mediterranian is offering $14,460 to uninjured passengers. Not enough. A consumer advocacy group is lining up lawyers to sue hoping to get between $165K to $1.3 million. Too bad Bozo Shotino doesn’t have the bucks. Anyway bringing the company that employed him close to bankrupcy is good enough.

Happy Birthday to Lewis Carrol and Wolfie Mozart.

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