Okay we rescued two hosages from Somalia.  Great job SEALS! An ocassional bitch slap is necessary to remind the rest of the world we may have made mistakes in the past but we can step up and deal a little street justice.

You gotta check out Non Sequiter today. Sure Wiley used Wikipedia but the same applies to our politicians. We need more people going around translating the gbberish the politicians spout and compare it to facts. A whole bunch of people don’t trust the media. They vote blindly and view any attack on their favorite candidate as heresy. We’ve got to get someone who appeals to them. This applies to the candidates and the incumbent.

WIP is moving along. Gonna try for at least 1K wds. today. Gotta take a character who was described as “the dumbest human ever” into a hero. It’s gonna be an uphill climb.  He’s dumber than a box of hair. I made him that way. Now I’ve got to educate him.

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