Got the laptop back. They put the wrong keyboard on it.  I`m not pissed off but the keys are all wrong and the qruestion mark, slash key doesn`t work. I need the question mark. I write. I don`t think I could write a story without someone asking a question. I need the slash for URLs.

The other thing the computer ate my password. I`ve got to change it tomorrow. One thing about losing your password; they ask you to give an alternative address the can send the questions to. It goes to your e-mail which you can’t access.

Got to go grocery shopping tomorrow. It;s gonna snow. Skippy Raines my generic weatherman has given conflicting reports as to what is going to happen. It’s either going to start at two am or five am. It;s gonna snow all day or just during the morning. What really makes my day is that we’re going to get up to six inches and get this it’s going to be in the near fifties on Sunday. Yipee, I love New England in the wintert. Next month we’ll be up to our ears in snow that won’t leave until May.

Follow the links in W&N 8. Can’t post’em without a slash.