Yesterday I posted and the laptop began to rebel. I’m back today. A couple things have been banging around in my head. I gotta write about them to stop the noise.

First; Baz Lurrmann is going to remake  (?) or release The Great Gatsby in 3D. Okay it may make the story look like a Prohibition era diorama. What will happen champagne glasses come flying out at the audience or Jay Gatsby collapses into the front row? I understand it might make the picture look better but it’s been done at least three times. Maybe I’m old-fashioned.

Second; Why can’t I figure out flashdrives? You plug them in, click a few times and voila! everything is saved. I couldn’t do it when I took a computer class, searched the web and tried blind luck. I’m getting my trusty laptop back from the shop and I want to save pieces the pieces I’m gonna have to rewrite.

Found a new blog Chuck Wendig it’s terribleminds. It deserves a look along with Kristen Lamb at http;//, Amber West at, Piper Bayard at, Jenny Hansen at, or for the more adventurous . And me, of course.