My trusty Dell laptop is in the shop. I’m using my back-up a used glacially slow HP. Noticed that I keep something like a TV or radio on when I’m at home. They fill up that empty space that I live in. We need human contact. I get an adult dose at the supermarket on Saturday morning. That’s usually enough. I’m not a lone wolf, but I’ve got a low tolerance for being crowded. Being a writer I need to get ideas for stories. I observe people and eavesdrop. Then I take the information and make up a story adding details to make it sound right. Try to get to know a new person every month. The check-out clerk, the mailman or that person who you bump into at the mailbox in your apartment. Be careful, but don’t build a shell.

Before I put my trusty laptop in the shop I tried to download my WIPs to disc and flash drive. Nothing on disc and only one flash drive got anything. Looks like the stories will get  premature rewrites. Lucky I can remember the main parts of the stories. When the TL returns I’ll get to them. I don’t feel bad about the loss because they needed changing and maybe this is nature’s way of telling me to get of my @ss and write.

It finally snowed. I don’t ski or revel in making snow angels but winter is winter. The downside is it warmed up enough to melt what fell and turn anything else coming down into rain. The temps will drop just enough to freeze the roads overnight. I’m not into doing 360’s on the road and I’m not in the market to get to know the guy at the body shop or the police.